Garland Heath Q&A

NC State senior safety Garland Heath knows that Saturday's game against Georgia Tech is important for the Wolfpack.

Garland Heath Audio

What is the team's mindset going into the Georgia Tech game?
We're just basically thinking about winning. Whatever we've got to do to win. We've got to leave it all on the field right now.

During his press conference coach Amato mentioned you have emerged as a leader. What are you doing for him to say that?
Doing the things... the hidden stuff that people don't see. I don't have the interceptions I had last year, but I'm still out there running to the ball, hustling, trying to make plays, trying to keep everybody focused until the last play of the game.

What can you do to slow down a guy like Calvin Johnson?
If I was the coach of another team, I'd do what I've got to do. I'd put my best guy on him, two of my best guys on him, three of my best guys on him.. if one guy can't do it try two, if two guys can't do it try three. I'd make them beat me on the ground instead of him beating me.

Do you see anything different from Tech this year offensively?
They've basically got the same offense... minor adjustments. Basically, just stopping Calvin Johnson... a guy like that you might can't stop him but you've got to at least limit him from what he's been doing to other teams. Basically you've got to stop that guy and make Reggie Ball make mistakes.

Over the past 20 quarters you have two forced turnovers as a team. What can you do as a defense to force more turnovers?
We had a couple of chances of some interceptions here and there... making tackles we've got to gang tackle.

They put the ball down a couple of times, we've got to find a way to get on the ball instead of letting them get the ball back.

You're 0-4 at noon, and this game is at 7. Do you think you play better at night? What has been the problem with the noon games?
I don't think it's a jinx, spell or anything. I think it just has happened that way. We've just been losing the noon games for some reason.

Do you like playing at night better?
I like playing in warm, put it like that. It doesn't matter if it's night or day. I just like it being warm.

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