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NC State head coach Chuck Amato discusses the upcoming game against Clemson with the media.

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    Chuck Amato Audio

    Is there something you could do to have your players feel better than great?
    We're not going to have any parties, I know that for a fact. Is there something we can do? Yea, we can win a football game.

    We can go out there and work, put our backs into it, and do everything possible to prepare to play an outstanding football team in their backyard... to win that football game.

    Thoughts on offensive gameplan against Georgia Tech:
    If we had to play that game over again, we'd have the same offensive gameplan. We really felt that was the way to go.

    You say well, Daniel, how can you have him throw 53 passes. How? Because that was his sixth start. In Philip Rivers first start he threw 57. I'm not comparing him with Philip Rivers, but nobody knew what Philip Rivers was going to be like for the rest of his career.

    We felt like with all the zone blitzes that was the best way we could get execute what we needed to do to move the football.

    Anything and everything you do comes down to execution, and don't make silly mistakes. Don't give their offense 45 yards of real estate without them snapping the football. Don't take X number of yards away from our offense by doing silly things.

    Even with all that, if we catch some passes, we dropped three on the last drive. That would have got real interesting.

    That's what we decided. If we had gone the other way, people would be asking why didn't you throw the ball more? The only way you make them happy is you do the right thing, and then you don't do the right thing except when you win.

    Have you talked to a team in terms of getting to a bowl? Do you bring it up to them that they need to win these three to get to a bowl?
    They know that. I brought it up to them, why wouldn't I? I don't live in closets.

    I didn't have to bring it up because they know it.

    How big of a setback would it be to not go to a bowl game twice in three years?
    It's all how you respond to the problem. Right now we're in the process of having an awfully good recruiting class with or without a bowl. Hypothetically, in our estimation. You can't go any further than that.

    It sure didn't hurt the University of Maryland. They went two years in a row without going to a bowl, and they are sitting up with a 7-2 record at this point and right in it for going to play for the conference championship.

    You can see the pros and cons of everything, you really can. Sometimes things happen for a reason, by somebody greater than us, and maybe that reason is to see how strong you really are.

    Have you received assurances that you'll be back next season?
    I haven't received assurances that I'm not going to be back. I can tell you that right now.

    Have you talked at any point during the season with your team about your future tenure to maybe ease some concerns they may have?
    Absolutely not. Stop right there.

    Maybe even use it as a rally cry... us against the world type thing.
    Next question. That is so... No. I answered it. I don't like to use this, but I have no comment.

    Chuck do you consider this a transitional season, a rebuilding season? Do you see something under the record a part from wins and losses?
    There's no question about it. This is a young football team. That's an awfully young football team out there, but you're not going to get me to say that's an excuse. Nah.

    Going into every year you're going to set your goals high... to succeed you've got to set them up there. You've got to. Why live in a closet? They may be out-of-the-world reaches, but why not? Why not? The bottom line is every year you want to go to a bowl. We've gone to quite a few of them. Nobody realizes that.

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