PC: Blackman, Heath Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Darrell Blackman and Garland Heath met with the media today to discuss Clemson.

Darrell Blackman

"He brings another threat. He's a big, physical guy, he likes the contact, and with him understanding the offense as well as he does from being a quarterback and coming out there playing receiver and tight end, brings I guess another threat to the offense."

"Finish the season strong... to win this next game is our next challenge... the next goal on the table is to beat Clemson."

"It's been real disappointing and frustrating because nobody likes to lose. Every game that we've lost has come down to either the last play, the last drive, or the last series of the game. When you work so hard and play so hard in a game, it's frustrating to lose a game that way."

Garland Heath

"The mood is we get to fight another day. We're not buried under ground. We've still got a chance. We won't quit. That's pretty much the mood."

"Yes, that's the goal. We've still got a chance to make it to a bowl. We've got to win this game first though to make it to the bowl though. As long as we keep winning, we can still make it to a bowl, as long as we are bowl eligible."

"We've got to see what happens today when we meet."

"Mistakes and penalties are basically keeping us from getting over the hump."

"We've just got to go out there and win some games."

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