Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met the media following the win over Wofford.

Sidney Lowe

Thoughts on defense in first half and following halftime:
Basically we didn't play the defense we thought we were capable of. Against a ball club like this that can make shots, you're going to find yourself in a hole.

We were more aggressive in the second half. We got up into passing lanes and really bothered the dribbler a little better. Just made it difficult for them to get into their stuff.

Thoughts on his team:
I'm proud of those guys. I'm proud of the kids, the way they hung in there and made plays when we had to. They made plays from Engin's free throws to Courtney's block... then some rebounds down the stretch.

That's what good ballclubs do. That's what teams that are accustomed to winning do... they find a way to win. They make plays. That's where we want to get to, where we can make those plays. These guys did a great job of hanging in there and making plays when they had to.

Thoughts on the defensive block by Courtney Fells and his discussion with Fells in the prior timeout:
He's so athletic. There are probably only a few people maybe in the country that can make that block from where he started. We knew his man was going to get that shot. That's their go-to guy. The thing about it is he's never too deep to shoot it.

That's what I told Courtney. You trail him, don't shoot the gaps, don't go over the top, because he's going to fade and knock down that three. Courtney did a nice job of chasing and just made an unbelievable block.

What did you call on Engin Atsur's driving layup?
Yea, what we were doing was trying to put it in his hands. We had run a play where Ben McCauley had scored twice easy inside and we felt that they were going to make an adjustment, they're a good ballclub. We wanted to make an adjustment as well.

I just told Engin to hold it a little longer and see what you have because someone will be open on this play. He made it, he did it himself. He made a nice move and got to the basket.

Thoughts on getting Ben McCauley involved in the second half:
We talked about that. We felt that we had an opportunity to go inside. Unfortunately, wing people when they see that they are open they think they are suppose to take that shot everytime.

You've got a big man inside who can score for you, you've got to punch it inside.

We finally understood what I was talking about and we got it in there. Ben did a good job.

Did you have fun tonight?
Did I have fun tonight? I'm having it now... I'm having it now. It was no fun out there, but I'm having it now."

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