PC: Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

NC State head coach Chuck Amato discusses the upcoming game against North Carolina with the media.

Chuck Amato Audio

Are you still better than great?
I'm better than great. I'm not satisfied and nobody here is with the results, but there are other things involved. There's more to it than some of you people see, and I don't mean that in a negative sense towards anybody really.

The results... no one is satisfied with that. All we can be is positive. You can't just turn that positive thinking on just when things are going well.

Can you mention some of the good things?
Yea, I've got a team that's got an awful lot of character. I've got a team that won't quit. I've got a team that fights to the very end. I've got a team that on the last series on just about every game but two, they came down to somebody making a play in either winning or losing the football game. Let's just leave it as that.

How is this week different because of who you play?
It sure does help. You've got a rival game and both teams understand it. Both teams know it's their rivals. Both teams have had disappointing seasons, and both teams haven't quit. At least on the film I've watched.

It's a game that everybody looks at. It's the rival game. You win just one game. How many times you heard that?

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