Video: Smith Selects NC State

DURHAM, N.C. -- Pack Pride was on hand for Tracy Smith's press conference, as the four-star prospect announced that he will play college basketball next season at NC State.

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  • Video: Smith Selects NC State

    Tracy Smith Press Conference

    Durham (NC) Mt. Zion Forward Tracy Smith
    Opening Statement:

    I'm going to NC State. I know coach Lowe, he's a good coach, and I like the campus. That's why I'm going to NC State.

    How much of a role did Sidney Lowe arriving at NC State impact your decision?
    I've always wanted to play ACC ball all the time. I picked NC State because I think I can go in there, step up, play big minutes and do what I've got to do.

    What kind of feel did you get from coach Lowe?
    I felt good. He called me and told me he wanted me at his school. He told me about J.J. [Hickson] coming... I just felt good about how he recruited me.

    Did you get a feel for how you and J.J. Hickson can feed off each other and have you talked with him since you started leaning to NC State?
    I haven't talked to him about NC State. We talked at ABCD. We played real good together. I think he'll be a good teammate to play with.

    What did you think after watching Lowe coach the game last Friday?
    When I was at the game they were losing. They were turning the ball over and Sidney, he really didn't get mad. I guess he went in the locker room and told them what they had to do. They came back and fought hard and won the game.

    Can you talk about reshaping your body?
    I guess I just got tired of people saying I was a little bit overweight. I just dedicated myself to going into the gym, working hard, and losing the weight.

    Sidney is new there, do you feel that you are a part of a new start at NC State?
    Yea, I'm looking forward to going to NC State, trying to win a national championship, and doing what I've got to do.

    Describe your game on the basketball court.
    When I play in the post, I can post smaller defenders and bigger defenders I try to take them to the hoop.

    Tracy Smith's mother, Mrs. Lester
    What did you see in Sidney Lowe that you liked?

    I see good potential in Sidney to take Tracy where he needs to be, as far as academically and on the basketball court. He's real good. He was real positive. He was real concerned about him getting his degree and graduating from NC State.

    I really respect coach Lowe... not just that he was an assistant coach for my hometown team, but I really respect him. He's got a lot of great things planned for Tracy.

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