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NC State head coach Chuck Amato discusses the upcoming game against East Carolina with the media.

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    Chuck Amato Audio

    From the outside it seems like the program is facing a crisis. What does it look like from the inside?
    I'll answer this, but I want to answer a little about the crisis in front of us, which is East Carolina University, and what happened behind us.

    On the oustide, yes, we've lost games, and do we like? No, because losing in anything is not liked.

    Is there a crisis inside of here? If there is, I haven't seen it. If there is, you people would have seen it on the football field. Do you see people on that field not fighting for 60 minutes?

    It's so funny how people deal with different universities or different corporations when things go bad... and you're talking about the same thing.

    We're not satisfied with what happened this year because we've lost a bunch of real close football games.

    This program is in good shape.

    You sometimes say success breeds success. Can losing breed more losing?
    It can. It can. But the thing about that is when you're coming that close, they always realize that as long as there is breath there is a chance.

    It's a season that we are very... not happy with. That doesn't mean that next year... who knows. There are a million of examples out there.

    Do you think this season puts more pressure on next season? You have to have a big year next year like some of the programs you talked about have turned it around... Wake Forest and Maryland. Do you personally feel this season puts more pressure on next year... do you feel you are in a make-or-break situation coming off a season like this?
    Yes, why not? I wonder... did you say that was the case of those two examples you used before the season started... that they were under that kind of scrutiny?

    I say it with a smile. I've mentioned it before... apples and apples, apples and oranges. I answered your question. You heard mine. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much.

    Besides winning close games, what else needs to change?
    That will help things considerably, and there are things that need to get fixed. Maybe get fixed is the wrong word, but have to improve. You know them and I know them. I don't have to tell you that. You know them and I know them. They are stats.

    It can be fixed.

    Coach, you talked about some of the things that need to be changed to get some close wins. What do you say to the people who feel that there needs to be a change?
    I think you've been told about that.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I'm not going to leave this room with a frown. I know some of you don't like to smile, but Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, and we'd weigh you in on Thursday.

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