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FAYETTEVILLE, NC -- Pack Pride was on hand for the C.J. Williams press conference where the junior prospect picked NC State. Here's your chance to listen to the press conference and quotes are also provided.

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    C.J. Williams Press Conference

    Jack Britt Wing C.J. Williams
    Opening Statement:
    First I would like to thank God for blessing me with the talent to play the game of basketball and to be in a position to select a university where I plan to seek a higher education and play the sport that I love.

    I am very grateful to my parents, my sister, as well as my other family members and friends who have supported me over the years. I'd especially like to thank the coaches who have been instrumental in my development as a player as well as a person.

    I'd also like to thank all the schools that have offered me a scholarship for basketball. In particular I would like to thank three schools that have stood out the most as I've progressed through the recruiting process since June. They are Clemson University, with coach Purnell and coach Smith, North Carolina State University with coach Lowe and coach Harris, and Virginia Tech University with coach Greenburg and coach Odom.

    I've visited these schools multiple times with my family, and the coaches have done a tremendous job of selling their program and showing me how I could be a good fit for their team. My family and I evaluate every aspect of these three schools, from the academics to the facilities, the campus atmosphere, the coaches, the trainers, and even the projected team makeup in 2008. Each school has plenty to offer.

    Unfortunately I can only choose one. Therefore after carefully thinking things over for the last month, I've decided that I would like to play college basketball at North Carolina State University.

    I look forward to joining the Wolfpack family, and being a part of coach Lowe's plan to bring another national championship back to North Carolina State.

    C.J., what is in the other bags on the table?
    Coach Lowe really stresses family, and he told me that if I committed to NC State, not only would I be a part of the family, but my parents and sister would also be a part of the family. I have something for them in the bags.

    How difficult was the decision?
    The decision was very difficult because all the coaches from everywhere, they made their school seem very comfortable, and I could see myself fitting in at those places. These schools were gracious to have me be able to visit them, and I could see myself at each school. I just felt the most comfortable at North Carolina State University.

    What was the deciding factor?
    The deciding factor would probably have to be the way coach Lowe felt when I would talk to him, and I just felt like he could be a person I could trust and I know would naturally love me, not just as a basketball player but also as a person.

    When did you pick NC State? When was your mind made up?
    My mind wasn't really made up for a long time. We went on a lot of unofficial visits and we were able to see the schools and see a lot of great things about them. North Carolina State just felt very comfortable for me. I was able to enjoy myself while I was there. Going on a few unofficial visits to watch some of the games and see what the campus atmosphere was like during basketball season, it really hit the nail on the head and I was able to feel comfortable at NC State.

    Have you told coach Lowe yet?
    Yes, I have.

    How did he react?
    He seemed like he was happy. He was glad.

    What role do you see yourself playing at NC State and what do you see yourself bringing to the table?
    As a person I would like to bring a sense of team comradarie so that we all can have fun together, but as a basketball player I just want to go there and be that steady person. I may not be a star, of course I hope I won't be on the end of the bench, but I just want to be able to go in there, play the game I love, and help my team win.

    What position do you see yourself playing?
    I would have to say the two because I'm a little bit longer and I feel I can shoot the ball pretty well, but the three is probably the most comfortable spot for me because I can post up sometimes.. I know how to post up and make some inside moves, and I also know I can get on the perimeter and hit some shots. I'd probably have to say the three would be the most comfortable for me.

    What is your exact height at this time?
    When I'm playing it would have to be 6'6... barefooted it would probably be 6'4.5 or 6'5.

    Thoughts on playing basketball:
    Being a basketball player, defense comes from heart. I know that each time I go out there I'm going to try to win and I know you have to play with heart so that's where defense comes from. Offensively, if I have the hot hand I feel like I want the ball in my hands, but if I don't have the hot hand I'm going to find the person who does have the hot hand and feed them the ball so they can do what needs to be done so we can get the win.

    Julius Mays has spoken highly of you and your game and he said you and him have been talking a lot on the telephone. How often have you remained in contact with him and what are your thoughts on him also coming to NC State?
    Julius Mays, he's a great basketball player, but I would like to say he's a great person. In talking with him, I have felt that I can trust him. He's a very good basketball player, but I would say he's a better person. We've stayed in contact, as a matter of fact I just talked to him last week. We never really talk about the recruiting process, for the most part we talk about our high school teams and what was going on in school and everything. I would love to stay in contact with Julius Mays.

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