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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following a team meeting where they were informed by Chuck Amato that he had been dismissed as head coach.

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    Willie Young

    "Most definitely... I've got unfinished business I would say. I'm looking forward to making the best of it."

    "It has something to do with the whole team... I wouldn't say excited because you never know. It could get worse."

    "You hear rumors and stuff like that, but I don't believe in something until it really happens.

    "It's a done deal right now so we're looking forward to... I don't know."

    "This is a business really... it all plays out to the outcome and all that kind of stuff."

    Ernest Jones

    "I don't know what to say right now."

    "It's always sad to see the coach leave, especially one of his caliber."

    "He's a great man. It's just sad to see him go."

    Pat Bedics

    "We're all upset. He was a great coach to all of us."

    "He was like a friend to us... I feel bad about the whole situation, but it's out of our hands."

    "I felt bad for him because he busted his butt everyday. He never gave up on us at all. He gave 120% through the whole thing."

    Rashad Phillips

    "They were all there for me in the hospital... they were my inspiration and they called me everyday. Even coach Amato... he called me every morning."

    "It hurts me really because they've been there for me, but you've got to go on with life. They are good people."

    "He's probably hurting inside, but he's too strong."

    "It's been good, of course with my injury you have things going on, but we're going to see. You've got to hope for the better and see what happens."

    Levin Neal

    "They felt like they let us down. I know coach is a great coach."

    "He came in and he said he loved everyone of us.... he went on to tell us we've got to keep our grades right. He said grades are first and foremost right now."

    "Hoepfully we'll go to the championship next year... he said he'd be the first one to get tickets to the game."

    "Chuck went up there, heart on the outside of his chest, and just had all his emotions on his sleeve. After hearing that, I feel a whole lot different about everything now. He loved everyone of us, and I do believe that. I believe he wants the best for us."

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