Audio: Tom O'Brien Press Conference

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien addressed the media and Wolfpack Nation today as he was introduced as the 33rd head football coach at North Carolina State University.

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    Tom O'Brien Press Conference (21:36)

    Opening Statement:
    "First off I'd like to recognize my wife who is here, Jennifer, and two of my three children, my oldest daughter Colleen, and my youngest Bridget.

    "My son Dan is a graduate assistant at Harvard. He's busy recruiting or he was online last night, Colleen said what are you doing and he said, 'I'm going to go try and steal dad's recruits from Boston College.'.... maybe we can talk them into becoming members of the Pack.

    "One thing Lee asked me to do was wear a red jacket. I said I'd do a lot, but I just don't look good in a red jacket. I'll wear this red tie all that I want. Actually when I saw Sidney I thought I'd rather dress like Sidney than to be as dressed up as I am.

    "Timing is everything. The opportunity that was presented to me last Sunday night by Lee and followed up by conversations mostly Wednesday and Thursday.

    "As I traveled back to the ACC the last couple of years, I was just amazed at what coach Amato was able to accomplish here in terms of building and working with facilties. Obviously Wendell's great contribution to this building... speaks a commitment to this university being the best possibly that it can. That's what I look forward to.

    "We're very excited about this opportunity. There's a way that we establish and we call it the Boston College way to do things. Now it's no longer that it's the Wolfpack way to do things."

    "With that I'd be happy to answer any questions."

    Why did you choose to come to NC State?
    "The opportunity to get back down to the South was just too great an opportunity for us to pass up. I knew coming into this job from my previous years here about Pack pride, the pride all of you guys have in this university. I guarantee you will be proud of this football team we put on the field."

    Will your current staff join you at NC State?
    "I said to them if anyone doesn't want to come let me know. It's my responsibility to build the best football staff there is. If that means people from here, people from Boston College or people from elsewhere. I do not want to bring any of them at this time because this is a special for Boston College's football team. They have an opportunity to win 10 games, win their seventh straight bowl game. I want to give them the best chance to do that."

    Why do you think coming to NC State isn't a lateral move for you in your profession?
    "Just to walk into this stadium and the enthusiasm in the stadium here is incredible. I've taken teams to State college and beat Penn State there in front of 100,000 people, I've taken a team to Notre Dame when they were No. 4 in the country and came out in the green jerseys. The excitement that fateful night I was here in September was as good as any place I've ever been.

    "If I was going to ever make a move it was going to have to be in the next couple of years. This is it. It's NC State or bust for me.

    "I look forward to the opportunity."

    Thoughts on how he will get his tenure going:
    "I think it's going to start obviously with the staff we hire because you've got to have quality people. That's the thing I've been able to do. I've had a tremendous staff at Boston College, we've been very loyal and we've been together a great time. They are great teachers, great family people, great educators, and great coaches.

    "I think it starts with the staff and the people you bring in because that will then reflect to the student-athletes that you recruit. So it has to start with the staff and it has to start with the recruiting effort. Obviously, there are good football players here. It's my obligation, especially to the rising seniors in this football class, to win as many football games we can and hopefully get to the championship game of the ACC."

    Will you run the same system at NC State?
    "In a perfect world that's probably how we'd like to play. But you have to coach to the strengths of your personnel. To try to tell you what are strengths are, I'd be better qualified to answer that after spring practice. The job of a football coach is to put them in a position to win football games. You can't be asking them to do thing they aren't capable of doing. We'll be sound fundamentally on offense, we'll be sound fundamentally on defense and on special teams. We'll coach with the talent we have to put ourselves in position to win football games."

    Thoughts on Boston College's bowl game:
    "I think that once you take a position you have to be committed to that position. I think it would do an injustice to North Carolina State if I tried to coach Boston College in the bowl game.

    "All the plans are made. All they've got to do is follow the script. Frank Spaziani will do a great job. They'll go down and they will beat Navy."

    Thoughts on stating earlier in the week that he wasn't leaving Boston College:
    "I was asked a question if I was interested in going to Arizona State or Stanford and I answered that question."

    How do you define success?
    "Well I think the goal is always to win a national championship no matter where you're at. That has to start with getting yourself to the conference championship, then you have to win the conference championship to have the opportunity to be a national champion. That is always the goal, we'll always work towards the goal of being a national champion. Anything less would be cheating everybody here."

    Thoughts on his experiences at the Naval Academy and in the Marines:
    "I'm very proud of the fact that I was a Marine officer, and still am. There's no such thing as a former Marine – once a Marine, always a Marine. It's the greatest organization on the face of the earth. It's about family, its about selflessness, its about team. Those are all concepts that we'll use here."

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