ABC 11: Pack Pride Biggest Sports Headliner?

ABC 11 is running a poll where fans can select the biggest sports headliner of the year and Pack Pride made the cut.

ABC 11: POLL: The Biggest Sports Headliner of the Year?

"Now, all due respect to Dwyane Wade - but I'm pretty sure no one here in the triangle lost sleep over his exploits this past summer. the same cannot be said for several other folks though. Our award is entirely democratic. You, the local sports fan, will decide who gets crowned and awarded our mostly inconsequential and less than awe-inspiring trophy. With no further ado, because no one likes ado, here are your contestants:

" - NC State fan message board. This is why it's ABC11 "Headliner" of the Year and not just person of the year. No website was the source of this much consternation, excitement, gloom, glee, and downright manic behavior. The seething epicenter of all issues State, and there were lots of issues."

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