Darrell Blackman names leader

The latest TSW interview with Pennsylvania All-State running back Darrell Blackman. Darrell states his goals and names a leader!

After rushing over 1,700 yards as a sophomore, over 2500 yards as a junior and making All-State, what's left for the top running back in Pennsylvania? Simple, to win a State Championship. That's the one accolade Darrell Blackman (6'0" 195) is missing on his resume.

Williamsport Senior High hits the field Friday night against Punkhannock High. In Darrell's eyes, they represent the first stepping stone to reach his goal of winning State Championship. "This year I want to help my team win a State Championship. I want to finish my career at Williamsport strong and I am focused on winning the championship." Williamsport made an early first round exit last year.

Darrell stats speak for themselves and he certainly has the physical ability to help his team reach the finals. We wanted to know if it is his strength or his speed that makes him a great running back. "I feel I am good at short yardage situations. I use my strength to get the 4 or 5 yarder. However, if I see opportunity to get more, I use my speed to make the cuts. Speed and strength are real important in my game, however my awareness to see the field is what makes things work."

We asked Blackman about the college choices that are before him. "Maryland and NC State are my top two, with NC State being my favorite. I have really started liking them a lot lately and that makes them my leader."

Darrell has a scheduled visit to Raleigh on December 6, 2002. He has not scheduled anywhere else yet but does plan on doing so. He would like to make a decision sooner rather than later. "I would like to decide after my football season. But if I have to go to February I will."

The December 6th date with NC State may have to be delayed if Darrell gets his wish. The Pennsylvainia State Championships are usually decided the second week of December!

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