Dorien Bryant and the Hummingbirds

TSW interview with New Jersey All-Stater, Dorien Bryant who is scheduling official visits. First up, Tennessee.

While not pretending to be a professional avian scientist, I have heard along my way that hummingbirds are so quick and agile that they quickly lose their fear of people because they see us as slow-motion animals. The thought of hummingbirds came to mind when researching Dorien Bryant (WR/CB 5'10 170). He has been timed running an unforgettable 4.22 forty yard flash. For 99.99% of the people sitting in Carter-Finley on any fall afternoon, that is a blur. I asked Dorien about his speed, and in particular, I wanted to know if he saw players around him in slow motion when he ran. He laughed and paused a bit. I asked again, because I cannot fathom how fast that is. I mean, it takes me 4.35 seconds to make my run to the refrigerator from the couch to replenish my favorite beverage during time-outs, but I'm talking 20 feet. He laughed again, but he began to understand that I was a serious slow guy asking a serious question. "How fast is 4.22?" I asked again. I needed to know. "I guess I do see them as if they were in slow motion. I have not thought about it like that, but I have no problem running around people." The answer wasn't appeasing my curiosity fully. I guess its because such an abundance of speed is hard for a slow motion animal like myself to comprehend.

When you can catch the ball and can run like a hummingbird flies, it's only a natural to draw the attention from a few colleges (not to mention a few hungry cats). All the heavy weights are drooling for this phenom. Michigan, Tennessee, and Notre Dame are taking their swings. Syracuse, NC State, Rutgers, Boston College, Illinois are are also slugging it out for his signature.

He has made a few unofficial visits this summer while running track. "I was able to see Tennessee when I ran at the Junior Nationals. Tennessee was astonishing. It was huge. I also visited NC State while at the East Coast Invitation. They have the determination to be a big time school."

Dorien camped at Boston College this summer. He told Mike Fasano of that "I had fun up there. I like it." It has been reported elsewhere that Boston College holds a slight lead over NC State.

Dorien is looking for comfort in deciding his school choice. He will take a few official visits over the next couple of months then decide. Bryant told Fasano "I want to be able to compete to play early. I am not that impressed with tradition but I want to be able to put a team in the big time. I want to be comfortable. I want to go to a place where I'll be on campus and know it is right for me. I wanted to make an early decision but I don't know. I might make an early verbal but I'll still make my unofficials." He has an official visit lined up with the Vols on December 15th with other dates yet to be confirmed. So its still too early to predict where Bryant will line up to play his collegiate ball.

The recruiters are trying to decide where they see Bryant fitting in the best. "Some schools want me to play on defense. Some want me to be a running back. If that happens, they will need to bulk me up. Michigan has told me they would look at me going both ways, similar to David Terrell. Right now I want to play offense. I'm a receiver with speed."

Dorien does not seem to be fatigued by the recruiting process and told TSW he is still "having fun" with it all.

Bryant's High school team, Kingsway Regional, is in the process of completing their two-a-days. They have a bit to wait before their opening on September 13th. They are the defending State Champions and Kingsway is looking to repeat. "We are a better team this year. Last year, we had a bunch of Sophomores and Juniors. This year we are bigger and stronger up front, and they are putting out in practice." Kingsway will have to repeat in a new classification as they have moved from Group 2 to Group 3 for 2002.

As for my search for the understanding of 4.22 speed, I'll continue to think about the flight of the hummingbirds.

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