Bryan Firms Up Commitment

Wilmington (NC) New Hanover star George Bryan discusses his official visit with Pack Pride.

"My visit went real good," George Bryan told Pack Pride. "We got to tour the campus and hang out with the players."

Bryan had his first chance to meet with the new NC State coaching staff. He had spoken with Tom O'Brien and tight ends coach Jim Bridge on the phone, but the visit gave them a chance to discuss Bryan's future in Raleigh.

"They are real honest," said Bryan. "I like them a lot. They told me that they were going to use me as a tight end. That's what I want to play.

"They are real honest."

"Coach O'Brien is a great guy. I really like him. He said the two main things he wants is to graduate his players and win a bunch of football games. That means a lot to me."

Bryan is receiving heavy attention from Clemson, as the Tigers are trying to get the three-star prospect on campus for a visit. Is Bryan still a solid commitment to NC State?

"I'm 100% committed," said Bryan. "I don't think I'm taking anymore commitments."

At 6-foot-6 and 260-pounds, Bryan is a factor at tight end. A two-time all-conference selection, Bryan also played in the 2006 Shrine Bowl where he was awarded the team's Sparky Award as North Carolina's best player throughout practice week.

"Playing in the Shrine Bowl was a great experience," he said. "I just liked it because I was able to go up against players that were really good. At times I didn't get to dominate, and I liked that.

"In high school you can dominate because guys aren't always as big as you are, and that's not fun to me. I like challenges and I like facing the best players. That's what I liked about being down there. I think it made me a better player."

Bryan Quote: "I like being flexed out and being able to run routes. I like blocking and this year I will get to do more of that, but I like flexing out and making plays in the open field."

Coach Quote: "He's been going back and forth between tight end and defensive end for us, but he's a player. The thing that stands out the most about him is he's just a big kid. He's nearly 6'6, all of 255 pounds and still very lean.

"The last two years we have had him flexed out as a wide receiver, so that tells you how athletic he is. I think this year he's going to have a little different role because we will probably play him more with his hand on the ground. I think he can be a great blocker, but out in space it's difficult to really tell that.

"He's the type of kid that just stands out right away with his frame."

"He's the type of kid that just stands out right away with his frame." -- New Hanover assistant Chad Ashley

Pack Pride Scouting Report: "It's not that often that you see a 6-6, 255 pound player flexed out at receiver on the prep level. However, that's exactly where NC State commitment George Bryan lines up for New Hanover High School.

"Watching film of Bryan, it's easy to forget that the rising senior is bigger than most high school offensive linemen. He moves extremely well in space and presents a huge target for his quarterback. Most impressive, however, are his hand-eye coordination and ability to make tough grabs with his hands away from his body. In the New Hanover spread offense he is often matched up with a much-smaller defensive back which allows him to routinely out-muscle defenders.

"On limited film, we were equally impressed with Bryan's potential at defensive end. He is cat quick off the edge, stays low and drives into the ball carrier. He does a good job of standing his man up, shedding him and pursuing the ball-carrier." -- Pack Pride Recruiting Analyst Steve Williams Scouting Report: "On defense, George Bryan really gets a chance to show his athleticism as he slants into the backfield and sells his body for the tackle. It is hard to get a good feel for his upper body strength as the only time he is blocked he has some trouble shedding the blocks, but there is no question that he will end up on the offensive side of the ball.

"Bryan has a knack for finding holes in the zone both sitting down in the middle of the field between the backers and New Hanover loves to run him to the corner against cover two. Both require determination, concentration, and soft hands all of which Bryan shows off throughout the film though he does fight the ball at times.

"The interesting thing will be to see how his body grows in college because if his listed 6-5, 250 pound size is correct, with his balance and footspeed, he could end up being a tremendous offensive lineman." -- Recruiting Analyst Miller Safrit

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