Senior Bowl: Monday Practice Notes

NC State players Leroy Harris, Tank Tyler, and A.J. Davis are participating in the 2007 Senior Bowl. Practices began today and here is an update on how the players performed.

Leroy Harris OL NC State 6024 298 33 10 3/8
Weigh-In Notes:
Thick but no definition.

Monday Practice Notes: Worked with the quarterbacks early taking snaps, but spent the rest of the day at left guard. Struggled immensely in pass protection. Did not show the patience to engage a defender on his initial punch. Also struggled working in in space. Showed the athleticism to get to the second level, but seemed lost at times picking up defenders.

DeMarcus Tyler DL NC State 6021 323 33 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes:
Sloppy with lots of rolls. Needs to wear the "bro".

Monday Practice Notes: All power and no finesse. Showed no moves to get off of blocks in either the running game or in his pass rush. Was corrected multiple times on his gap and making the right read.

A.J. Davis DB NC State 5102 180 29 3/4 9 3/8
Weigh-In Notes:
Bird legs and thin upper body.

Monday Practice Notes: Looked bad. Gave up a lot of receptions. Showed some quickness in his break but got beat most of the day.

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