Johnathan Bailes names favorite

TSW caught up with Tampa DL for a preseason interview. Johnathan tells us that his toughest competition comes everyday in practice, knows of at least four schools he wants to visit and that one of those schools now leads.

Johnathan Bailes faces his toughest competition everyday on the practice fields of Jefferson Senior High. He lines up against one of the best OL's in the nation, 4 Star recruit Donnie Woods. We asked Bailes about these practice match-ups and what they were like. "The best player I play against is my own teammate, Donnie Woods. I go head up with him daily. We compliment each other well. Some days he wins, some days I win. Either way, we are both better because of it."

With Jefferson having two big time lineman, the doors at the football office are seeing some big time schools checking in for both players. From the sunshine state, Johnathan is hearing from the big three, Florida, Miami and Florida State. But his recruitment does not stop at the borders. He is hearing from West Virginia, Louisville, NC State and Minnesota. "I would say NC State is my leader right now with FSU and Miami in my top three."

While Bailes has not set any date for official visits, he does know for sure where he wants to take four. "I want to visit Miami, FSU, NC State and West Virginia for sure. I may also visit Louisville."

The recruiting process has been fun for Johnathan so far. We asked him what were some of the more memorable moments were so far. "Minnesota sends me stuff all the time with my name on it. For the fourth of July, they sent me a poster with my name on it, which was cool. Christmas was fun too. I had some real cool cards." As to the most memorable coach he has spoken to... "Coach Magee from West Virginia. I remember him because he just a real nice guy."

How soon will he decide? No time soon. "I'm going to wait till signing day to announce. I'm holding out to the last moment."

We also asked Johnathan why there was a difference in his 40 time at Nike (6.15) and what he reported to insiders (5.2). "At Nike, I pulled up early because I had an ankle injury when I was at camp. I didn't even think he had written it down. I have my time down to 5.0 now and I have run a 4.9."

According to Bailes, his grades are in the qualifying range. "I have a 2.5 in my core and I am going to take the SAT in October. I am studying for it now to get ready."

Jefferson High opens against Chamberlain, and we could not let Johnathan off the phone without a prediction. "We are the best team in the county and it will be no different after we play Chamberlain. We will win."

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