PC: Lowe Talks North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

Sidney Lowe

On emotions heading into the UNC game:
"I'm not overly emotional about this game. It's another great opportunity. It's a match that's probably been a big game for years before me. Right now, I'm just trying to concentrate on our guys."

On talking to former UNC and current Detroit Pistons player Rasheed Wallace:
"Not yet, but I'm expecting a phone call soon. They're probably still practicing, but I'm sure I'll get a call today from Sheed at some point in time."

On protecting his team from getting caught up in the rivalry:
"We're just talking about the things we're doing well – the things we did well in this last ballgame and the things we have to continue to do in order to win. We've said this all year. It's not so much about the other team as much as it about us playing our game and sticking to our game plan … but are some games bigger than others? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean you have to change how you play."

On the rivalry:
"It's State, Carolina. If you look around town there's people talking. The game speaks for itself.

"A win is a win, but you have big games because there are rivalries. And there have always been rivalries. Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier, anytime they meet there's more people who come out to watch it. It's a big fight. With the three schools right here close to each other – whether it's Duke playing Carolina, Duke playing State or State playing Carolina – it's always been that way and that's what I told my players. It's not something that I made up. It was here way before me.

"Anytime you have fans mixed in in an area as close as we are from all three teams, it's a big game for our fans."

On Carolina's depth:
"They are very deep. The pace at which they play, too, is a factor, because they can run up and down the floor and bring five new guys in there and continue their pace. Having Engin in there helps us a great deal, but we're still going to need other guys to give us some quality minutes."

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