Spencer Laurie to entertain coaches

<a href= http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=178&p=8&cfg=bb&c=1&nid=220625>Spencer Laurie</a> shot his way into the hearts of college recruiters this summer with his sizzling play at ABCD Camp. Dave Telep recently listed him in the <a href= http://theinsidershoops.theinsiders.com/2/61988.html>Class of 2003 Perimeter Marksmen</a>. The Strutting Wolf caught up with Spencer to see how his recruiting has changed since this time last year and to see where his recruitment is leading.

Spencer Laurie popped up on the radars of many high majors after the shooting clinic he gave at ABCD over the summer. Since, he has come off the "Best of the Rest" recruiting list to become a hot prospect on most ranking services. We asked Spencer about the sudden increase in interest. "The recruiting has picked up a ton since the spring. Not many people saw me play last year, but I got to places this summer where coaches could see me play."

Spencer's improvement in the eyes of the experts has not come without plenty of hard work. "I'm in a program called Health Tracks. It helps me with my speed, quickness and jumping ability. I go there three days a week and work with a personal trainer."

The 2 1/2 hours he spends after school at "Tracks" is the mid-point of his day. He works into the evening on his game with teammates. "I shoot around for about an hour then I work on my ball handling skills for 30-45 minutes." During the evening, homework and returning phone calls from recruiters rounds out his schedule.

Laurie will have several house guests in the month of September, adding even more to his busy schedule. Quin Snyder from Missouri will visit September 9th. Minnesota's Dan Monson will be in the house on the 10th. The Gophers will return the hospitality, when Spencer makes his first official visit on the 13th.

Herb Sendek from NC State will be visiting on the 19th. Local representative, Barry Hinson, Southwest Missouri State, will make his pitch on the 21st. Depaul will close the in-house visits with new head coach Dave Leitao visiting Springfield on the 30th. Arizona and Oklahoma have picked up their interest and hope to get in to see Laurie during the month of September as well.

October's calender is quickly filling up. Spencer has an official visit planned on the 5th to Missouri with more to come. He hopes to have all his visits completed and a decision made by mid-October before Kickapoo High laces them up in November.

The chance to play in the ACC, Big 10 and Big 12 has Spencer excited about the next level. "The ACC has top schools and a great tradition. The Big 10 is a good league with great competition. The Big 12 is as big as it gets. The chance to play against the likes of Kansas and be able to compete with a chance to win is great. All are great conferences."

Southwest Missouri State is also involved. Laurie plays pick-up games against some of the SMS players on a regular basis. "They are recruiting my AAU teammates, and the chance to play with guys I grew up with is appealing."

Spencer is not opposed to playing out of state. He also is not that interested in knowing who currently fills in the roster at the PG spot for his favorites. "I have to go in and earn whatever I get, so who is playing where does not bother me."

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