Via: Did he just say "back"?

As I stood in the rain watching the second and third units mop up the rest of what was left of ETSU Saturday night, I came to gaze upon our new football facilities.

I am very proud of the new building and the steps that NCSU football have taken, both on the field and off.

Then my companion said, "I am so glad to see Chuck Amato bring Wolfpack Football back."

I promptly threw him off the top of Section 13 into a lemonade concession stand!

As I pondered his statement and listened to his long-winded lamenting of broken legs and internal bleeding, I quietly turned my attention back toward the sidelines. The sheer number of players dressed for the game was as impressive as the new football temple built upon the grassy hill that we used to slide down in the rain back when Tom Reed would go 3-8.

I threw him off because he made a statement that is not true.

Chuck has brought the pride and hope back to this program, but he is far from taking this program to where he wants it to be. And, NC State football fans, we have never been in the place where he wants us to be. When he said "back", what does "back" mean? "Back" as in Losing to Va. Tech on a last second field goal in the Peach Bowl? "Back" as in sweating out an All American Bowl victory? Or "back" as in a Copper Bowl invitation? Maybe the "back" referred to was the gumption to go for 2 on the road at Syracuse. "Back" could have been the picking off of National Champion and eventual Heisman winner 4 times and beating FSU at home (only to lose to Baylor the following week).

As the wind and rain pelted me, and the Ambulance carted my friend off to the hospital, I figured there is no "back" if you have never been there. Scheduling Ohio State, Notre Dame, Tennessee, and Va. Tech is a new phenomenon. Bringing in a million dollar staff that consists of Doc Holliday, Norm Chow while luring Buddy Green away from a head coaching position is something new. Recruiting players every year the likes we would we see once every blue moon in the past is something new. Upgrading the facilities that will make the football complex second to none is treading untested waters. Yes, even the Wolfpack football team wrapping up a Southern Conference cupcake, is something of new-fashioned. Before last year, there was always a twinge of uncertainty about games we were suppose to win.

NC State making a true commitment to winning is a new journey and destination for us. But, it is not a final one. Coach Amato wants to take us to a National Championship. But even that lofty goal is not the final destination. The final destination is becoming a perennial power spoken with the lofty names like Nebraska, FSU, Tennessee, and Miami (FL). He has the administrative support behind him. Our Chancellor is a sports fan for once, and thinks it is an integral part of the Universities success.

The police came up the stairs to row GG to where I was standing. I stood with the rain dripping off my poncho and down the nape of my neck, when the the Officer said, "Place your hands behind your back."

Did he just say, "back"?

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