PC: Lowe Talks Maryland

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met with the media today to discuss the Maryland game.

Sidney Lowe

What do you see out of Maryland right now? They look like they are the hottest team in the conference.
Well they are right now. They are playing with a lot of energy. Looking at those guys and watching film, we're just trying to see what they are doing. They are playing aggressive, guys are playing well, they are shooting the ball well.

I think the main thing is they are playing tough. I think there is a difference in playing hard and playing tough. They are playing tough. They are just beating people up, whether its down low with their bigs, pounding the boards or blocking shots... they are just out-toughing people. They are not playing harder than people, they are just being tougher.

What are your plans for Justin Clark in this game?
He's going to play again. He's not going to start for us, but he's definitely going to play. I think he's earned that right to play, to get a few more minutes, and then we'll have to see where it goes from there.

We don't know where this thing is going to lead to, but certainly I think we owe it to him to take another look and give him another shot at it. He's definitely in the rotation right now, in terms of getting in the game.

What do you like about how he's played?
He played tough. He played smart and he played tough... he just played a very nice ball game. A flawless game basically with what he did. We don't know if he's capable of duplicating that, but the one thing we do know is he's going to be physical, he's going to play hard, and he's going to play tough.

How do you feel physically?
I've had a lot of help obviously. Doc has been there with me making sure I have enough fluids in my body and everything else.

I feel great. I'm not 100% yet, but who is? You're never 100% when you're in this business. I'm feeling great. I'm just glad to be back full strength where I can give all I can to these kids.

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