Spring Practice: Tom O'Brien Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following today's practice.

Tom O'Brien

On today's practice...
"This was probably our best practice, we finally got through the script which we haven't done until today. We got all the plays in and finished a couple of drills early. The pace of practice has picked up which it has to."

On the running back situation...
"Those kids have all worked hard and they all think there is going to be a spot for them in the fall once we figure out what their roles are going to be. We could always use three of them, its a pretty good situation."

On Saturday's scrimmage...
"It's exciting for the players, they like to play in a game. I'm looking forward to the crowd and everything else."

"You can learn a lot [from the spring game]. They are out there in a game-like situation. They have to make the calls, they have to lined up they don't have anybody out there helping them. It'll be a test to see what they've really learned and how much they've retained and then what they do under pressure situations."

On inviting the former players back...
"They are going to be here on practice on Friday. There's over 200, there might be 250 coming back."

"I look forward to getting them back involved in the program. After practice we are going to go have a little social in the Vaughn Towers for them and try to get them back involved."

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