NC State Football Camps Announced

NC State head coach Tom O'Brien has scheduled his summer camps.



IMPORTANT: YOU MUST MAKE A COPY OF YOUR INSURANCE CARD AND INCLUDE THAT WITH YOUR APPLICATION TO BE ADMITTED TO THE CAMP. Your health insurance will be the primary source of coverage if your child is injured or illness occurs. By state law, this cannot raise your insurance premium. Our insurance coverage will assist in covering expenses that your coverage does not (i.e. deductible or co-insurance).

Eligibility: Team Camp I and Team Camp II participants must be in grades 9- 12 as of fall 2007. High School graduates may not participate. Applications are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Deposit: $100 non-refundable deposits are due for all campers by May 1, 2007. Deposits should be turned in along with registration and be in the form of either cashier's check or money order made out to Tom O'Brien Football Camp, LLC. Online Registration is FULL PAYMENT ONLY. $100 of your online registration payment is non-refundable.

Refunds: DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. All requests for reimbursement must be done in writing by filling out a "Camper Reimbursement Form" – No reimbursements to any applications cancelled on or after June 1, 2007 due to the camp's financial commitment to staff, facilities, and dining services being determined by guaranteed camper numbers.

Balance Due: Must be paid in full by May 15, 2007.

Overnight Camper: $250, includes all meals.

$220, includes lunch and dinner. 8:30 am – 9:00 pm.

Registration Day: 10 am – noon

Checkout Day: 4 pm

General Format: Non-Contact. Fundamental skills. Team competition.

Team Rate: $225, 20-49 campers. $200, 50+ campers. APPLICATIONS MUST BE TURNED IN TOGETHER IN ORDER TO RECEIVE TEAM RATE. Team rates are only in effect when individuals are registered TOGETHER AND AT THE SAME TIME. Individual registration applications will not be accepted under the Team Rate if mailed under separate cover.

Housing: University Towers

More Info:

Questions - Call: 919-515-2114 or 2115

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