In-home visits complete

Mustafa Shakur's in-home visits are now complete. NC State's Herb Sendek and Arizona's Lute Olson visited the Philly Flash on consecutive nights (Tuesday and Wednesday) this week. It now appears that both coaches were successful. TSW caught up with Coach Greg Wright for a follow-up interview.

If you are going to recruit the number one PG in the land, you better have your collective act together. According to Coach Greg Wright, who was present during both visits, NC State and Arizona appear to have exhibited just that, with both giving great deliveries to Mustafa Shakur for their programs. "It was back to back visits. NC State on Tuesday and Arizona on Wednesday. I don't know if I want to be in his (Muatafa) shoes. Both coaches are great salesmen. If they were selling socks and shoes, I would buy a pair from each of them."

The long time AAU coach was not the only one that was impressed. "Both coaches presentations were great. Very Impressive. Mustafa is a very subtle person and it really takes something to strike him. I glanced over a couple of times to see if I could get a read on him. Both coaches were able to light up his face."

Wright continued to talk about the atmosphere in which the visits. "These coaches are some of the best. You could feel it in the air when they were talking. These two (Sendek & Olson) stand out amongst all the rest. Arizona is more established but NC State is up and coming. Both are great."

However, the coaches were not permitted to just say what was on their minds. Shakur had some questions of his own. "Mustafa was not tentative at all. He asked each coach some tough questions. Both had impressive answers."

With the in-homes now complete, the next step is for Mustafa to visit Tucson and Raleigh. "I really think it will come down to his visits. I am taking him to the airport tomorrow and he will be back on Sunday. He visits NC State the last weekend in September. How those visits go will give him his answers."

When Shakur visits the two schools, he will not be amongst strangers. "Mustafa knows Julius Hodge from the Long Island AAU days. He played against him in Vegas too. He also knows some of the Arizona players from the USA trials."

While both coaches had a good week in Philadelphia, they both will need to continue their momentum when Shakur becomes their guest. Indeed, it seems that the best host will get the signature from Mustafa Shakur.

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