Draft Analysis: Leroy Harris

NC State senior offensive lineman Leroy Harris was selected in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. Harris and Tennessee officials met with the media to discuss the pick.

(on if this is where he thought he might be drafted)
I talked to the Titans at the combine and I had a really good meeting and went to a room and talked to all of the people.  I thought that possible this was one of the teams that might select me so I kept an eye on them throughout the draft.

(on if he thought he was a first round guy)
I thought that I was on the border of being late last night or early this morning.

(on what went through his mind when he went to bed Saturday night)
I was very excited.  I thought it would all work out for the best.  I was expecting to go late the first day or early today so it's been about exactly where I expected to go.  Tennessee is a great place.  I already have a friend and teammate down there.

(on if he's talked to former teammate Stephen Tulloch)
I talked to him last summer right after he was drafted.  I came down there.  But I haven't had a chance to talk to him since.

(on what position he sees himself playing in the NFL)
I'm not exactly sure.  I see myself filling in whatever spot they need me.  I play three positions.  When I get there they will see what position they see me at.  I'm just ready to buckle back up.

(on what position he feels most comfortable at)
I feel most comfortable at left guard and center.  I've started twenty plus games at those positions in college.  Those are the positions I feel most comfortable at.  I can play right guard.  I love guard because you get to pull a lot and those screens they try to get you out there.  That's why I love playing guard.  I feel comfortable at playing those positions because I've played them so often. 

(on if he's snapped in the shotgun at all)
I have.  The majority of my snaps when we were running the ball or passing were in the gun.

(on how he feels about being in the huddle with Vince Young)
I'm very excited.  I saw how he led the team when he got in there and he was the Rookie of the Year.  He's a great quarterback.

(on if Mike Munchak and Kevin Mawae are two good resources to learn from)
Definitely.  I got the chance to talk to coach Munchak a couple of minutes ago and I'm very excited for the chance to work with a Hall of Famer.  I get to refine my skills and my technique and I'm lucky to work with a veteran center.  That is very exciting for me.

(on what he needs to do to improve his game)
Maybe my technique.  I need to continue to grow as a player technique wise.  I won't have a problem learning the system. I'm a very smart guy and football savvy. I think that is going to be the easiest part for me.  I just need to sharpen up my tools.  I haven't really had the chance to consistently play at one position and learn one position.  I learned the guard and center spot at the same time.  From game to game in college, one game I might play at left guard and one game I might start at center.  It's going to be great to just learn one position.

(on where he watched the draft on Sunday)
We went out to eat breakfast.  We haven't quite made it back yet.  We haven't had a chance to watch yet. We were heading back home right now.

(on if he got call from Titans during breakfast)
I did.  We were just finishing up and I got the call.

(opening statement)
Fourth round is always an interesting round because people have the night and the morning to position themselves. Obviously you saw a lot of trading going on and a lot of unusual picks. We had identified two players this morning that we had hoped they would be there when we picked, and in fact they both were. The first one is Leroy Harris who is an offensive lineman from N.C. State. Leroy has played both positions, center and guard, a versatile player. He is very strong and has good feet. He is somebody who Mike (Munchak) had a high grade on and we were very excited about getting him.

(on what position he projects Leroy Harris to play since he played guard and center at N.C. State)

He had played both and played both well. He has played in games and I watched someone would get hurt and he would switch over from guard to center, or center to guard so he is very capable of doing that which a lot of linemen can't do coming out of college. He fits a need that we had here with loosing Zach and inside having Eugene Amano and our age all being at the inside being with Kevin and Benje, that allows us to bring in a guy and develop that maybe will help us right away if there is any problems or there is injury issues that he can play center or guard Eugine can play center or guard so that gives us a lot of flexibility, and to me if the guy is not starting, that's the best thing he does for us. Kind of like Jacob did for us can play a couple positions, like Eugene can play a couple positions, so when you only suit up seven guys on a Sunday, it's a nice advantage to have if we do get an injury to have Leroy be able to come in and help us this year.

(on the importance of Leroy Harris's maturity being a senior and already having a child)
Well I think it's a guy, another big reason why, you know another thing that adds to his demeanor and that's how most linemen are. I think you will find at that position it seems like you have the least amount of problems with offensive linemen. I think he will come in and adapt well to what we are doing. And the fact that he has played the four years like you said, I think he started his sophomore year at guard, and then moved to center, so he has experienced that. So I'm really excited about him. We were happy he was around in the fourth round, just because what we feel he can bring to the table and help us compete and get better inside. He can help push Eugene and they can work with each other and that gives us a lot of combinations inside which if we had just gotten a guard who could just play guard that kind of limits what I can do and if there is any injury or if we had a problem and we are in competition so, I go to a game and a practice and Eugene could be running center and this guy could run guard and then Leroy could play center so they can both get better at both positions. It should make us a better offensive line and give us the flexibility to do a lot of things.

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