PC: Avent, Brackman Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Andrew Brackman and coach Elliot Avent discuss the season and the upcoming Major League Baseball's amatuer draft. Brackman, a junior right-hander, is expected to be a high first-round pick.

Andrew Brackman and Elliot Avent, Part I

Andrew Brackman and Elliot Avent, Part II

Andrew Brackman
On playing baseball full-time:
"I've learned a lot this season. What I can and can't do with my arm and everything. It's definitely helped me out.
"I've had some dead-arm at times. A little bit of soreness – but there are still a couple of games left in the season.
"It's kind of a conditioning thing. Once you've done it before you can do it again. Your core and your legs definitely have to be strong to pitch that many innings. It doesn't always teach you about pitching it teaches you about other little things like holding runners on or fielding your position. I've learned a lot more about that this year."

On having Scott Boras as his advisor:
"I thought about it before I made my decision. He's the best, you have to go with him. I wanted somebody to represent me that would fit my personality and I think he's a good match."

On where he might go in the draft:
"No clue. The draft is a funny thing, you could go like Brady Quinn. But it's definitely an experience.
"I haven't really talked to any teams right now. They don't want to interrupt you during the middle of the season so they don't contact you unless they absolutely have to."

On what he will bring to the team that drafts him:
"[I'm] like an unpolished stone. I definitely have a lot more work to do but in time I can get where I want to be."

On whether the draft has been distracting:
"It hasn't been that distracting. I'm used to all the scouts behind the plate and everything because I had to deal with that in high school. It's always in the back of your [mind] but other than that you have to brush it off and play your game."

On his goals after the draft:
"I set a goal right now that I want to make it – get up there first. That's hard enough. Once I do make it I'd like to become an established starter in the big leagues."

Elliot Avent

On what Brackman will bring to the team that drafts him:
"This guy is 6'11' and 240 pounds and throws 99 miles an hour. The thing that all GMs are shocked about when they come see him and see his body work the way it does – they can't believe it from a 6'11' guy. They have to take a chance on that.
"I want to know where he got the analogy of the unpolished stone – that's pretty good. But that's exactly what he is. I hope they don't think about putting him in the big leagues right away. Not that he couldn't do it, he's prepared to go up there and pitch in a major league game right now and do very well."
"He is an unpolished stone in a lot of ways, but in a lot of ways your talking about a polished stone. This is a guy that could go to the big leagues right now and get people out. But is it best for his longevity? In my opinion, without a doubt no."

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