Did Lute lock him up?

Mustafa Shakur flew to Arizona last Friday to get a look at the Arizona Wildcats. The question on Cat fans and Wolpacker minds, did the full court press put on by Lute Olson and staff lock down the #1 PG? TSW caught up with Hunting Park AAU coach Greg Wright, who was at the airport when Mustafa arrived late last night.

Coach Wright told TSW on Thursday that it would all come down to the visits. Mustafa Shakur has his list down to two players, Arizona and NC State. First stop, Tucson! Shakur completed his visit and returned to Philly all smiles according to Wright. "He had a great time at Arizona. I could tell when he got off the plane, he was all smiles. He likes them very much."

Shakur was able to play in some pick-up games while on his visit, enabling him to get to know a few of the players that could be his future teammates. "He loved the atmosphere that was at Tucson. He was able to play in some pick-up games. He liked the players and the way they treated him. He liked what he saw."

Did Lute lock him up? As it stands now, the answer is no. "I asked him (Mustafa) about NC State and he told me that he was still going to visit. We will talk some more as time goes by about everything. It was late last night, so we were not able to talk a lot."

With the Arizona visit complete, Mustafa can expect NC State to put on a press of their own. The next few days could be crucial to both programs, as the battle for the Philly Flash reaches a new level of intensity. According To Wright, the gameplan is still to announce by the second week in October.

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