Tank Tyler takes in games

TSW checks in with Big OL from Fayetteville's E.E. Smith High School to see how his season is progressing. We also found out he has been making treks to NC State to check out the Wolfpack.

Demarcus "Tank" Tyler is in the middle of his football season (E.E. Smith is 3-1) but that has not stopped him from heading up to Raleigh to check out the Wolfpack of NC State. We asked Tank about his weekend adventures. "I have been to a couple of NC State games. I was at the Wake Forest game this past weekend. It was a good game. State dominated. I went to the East Tennessee State game a couple of weeks ago."

Besides taking in the games, Tyler also is courted by the staff of NC State. "We met at the arena and ate. The coaches also came by to say hey. Then we watched the game."

The trips to Raleigh have resulted in some new friends. "I am friends with Patrick Pickney (Jr QB Pine Forest HS). He is the brother of Chris Curry who plays at UNC. I also know Mario Williams. They were both at the game Saturday."

The trip to Raleigh was unplanned this weekend. His original intentions were to visit Chapel Hill for the Texas/UNC match-up but his ride was cancelled. Instead, he ended up with his uncle at the NC State game.

He has a few more trips planned as well. "I want to see the NC State-Carolina game and the Florida State game in Raleigh. I also want to get to a couple of Carolina games."

NC State and UNC are still listed as the favorites but he is receiving attention from out of state. He has garnered an offer from Ohio State recently. Tank plans on making his official visits as soon as his season is over.

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