QB's Ready to Battle it Out at Pack's Camp

NC State will host several top quarterbacks at their football camp in June. Their performance at camp will be critical in landing an offer from the Wolfpack. We break down several of the top prospects.

The quarterback position is one of the most critical for any team and the NC State coaching staff has made it clear over the last several weeks that they won't take any shortcuts when deciding on which prospects to extend an offer to. As a result, the upcoming camps being held in June will be critical in deciding who will earn a Wolfpack offer. Several highly-acclaimed signal-callers will be in attendance and it's certainly conceivable that multiple QB's could ultimately come away with an offer from NC State. Pack Pride breaks down five of the top candidates who plan to be in attendance.

Braden Hanson...6-6, 195 pounds...Charlotte (NC) Latin High School

Junior Stats...completed 172 of 245 passes for 2,695 yards and 39 touchdowns. Led his team to a NCISSA state championship.

Scouting report...Hanson may be the most well-rounded passer of this group. He is very fluid in his drops and throws and puts great touch on his passes. Has the ability to wait until his receiver comes open and delivers the ball where only his man can catch it. Not known as a runner but displays surprising toughness when he does decide to take off. On film throws primarily out of the shot gun.

Hanson in a word...Polished

In State's favor...Depth chart...it's no secret that the Pack has struggled the last few years at QB. If offered, Hanson may view this as an opportunity to see the field faster.

The reality....State has to get Hanson into camp to have a chance. Right now, it's not known for certain whether he will attend but Hanson's father told Pack Pride last week that if he does go to any camps this summer, it will likely be NC State and Auburn. It's no secret that UNC holds the upper hand but many followers of Tar Heel football believe Mike Paulus to be a potential four-year starter. If that becomes an issue then perhaps State becomes a bigger player.

Dakota Derrick...6-5, 190 pounds, 4.67-seconds in the 40...Conway (SC) High School

Junior Stats...completed 179 of 279 passes for 2,410 yards and 22 touchdowns. Led his team to the class 4A state championship game.

Scouting report...Derrick has a long frame and will need time to fill out although that shouldn't be an issue. Is very accurate in his team's offense and plays for one of the top programs in South Carolina. Has an almost textbook over-the-top throwing motion, is very intelligent and has good speed. Derrick proved as a first-year starter that he could play in his state's toughest division. Arm strength will likely be the thing the State coaches hone in on during camp. On film, throws primarily from the shotgun.

Derrick in a word...Potential

In State's favor...Early attention...The Pack jumped on Derrick early and an offer at camp could vault them to the top of Derrick's list. There are also family connections in the area and to NC State.

The reality...South Carolina is also a major player and would likely be the main competition assuming offers from both the Pack and Gamecocks. Whoever were to jump on board first could emerge as the team to beat.

Mike Glennon...6-6, 195 pounds...Westfield High School, Chantilly, Va

Junior Stats...completed 123 of 205 passes for 1,662 yards and 18 touchdowns. Led team to regional championship game.

Scouting report...Five step drop-throw, five step drop-throw...watching film of Glennon you see this over and over. His strength is his knowledge of the offense and the ability to execute it flawlessly. Glennon seems to identify his primary receiver target at the line of scrimmage and hits him on cue with amazing regularity. Doesn't appear to have a cannon but may be the most efficient of this group. On film, throws primarily after coming from under center.

Glennon in a word... Efficient

In State's favor...With numerous big time offers already on the table, there's not a lot of reasons for Glennon to attend NC State's camp unless he really wants a Wolfpack offer. And if he's that intent on earning a Wolfpack offer then State must be a viable option.

The reality...Glennon has a brother at Virginia Tech and Virginia has offered as well. Throw in offers from Miami, Florida State and Michigan and the competition will be fierce. Still, he seems to say all the right things if you're a Pack fan hoping for a Glennon in Raleigh.

Jacob Charest...6-3, 190 pounds...Butler High School, Charlotte, NC

Junior Stats...threw for 2,485 yards and 20 touchdowns. Led his team to the class 4AA state semifinals in the playoffs.

Scouting Report...Charest has a strong arm and can certainly go deep but seems to be most effective in the short and intermediate passing game. Has a knack for spotting and hitting targets very quickly. He also appears comfortable outside the pocket and is accurate on the move. Not as big as some of the other prospects but is certainly big enough. Very tough and more athletic than one might think. Also wrestles in high school. On film, throws out of the shotgun (primarily on rollouts) but mostly throws after coming from under center.

Charest in a word...Competitor

In State's favor...In-State...Charest has not received an offer from an in-state school and one would have to believe that Charest would like the option of staying close to home. Despite not offering, the Pack has continued to recruit Charest extremely hard and that fact could play in their favor should they decide to offer.

The reality...Other schools did offer Charest sooner and in the final analysis, will the rising senior give more weight to that fact.

Reid McCollum...6-3, 190 pounds...Summerville (SC) High School

Junior Stats...completed 55% of his passes for 2,495 yards and 22 touchdowns. Led team to a 12-1 record and class 4A state quarterfinals.

Scouting report...Despite being a first year starter, McCollum shows uncanny maturity in the pocket. He has impressive footwork and is much more polished as a QB than you usually see from a player with his level of experience. McCollum has good throwing mechanics and is effective on short and deep throws. He has a lot of upside in our opinion. On film, McCollum throws primarily out of the shotgun.

McCollum in a word...Upside

In State's favor...Should the Pack become the first to offer, that could carry a lot of weight with McCollum. The Pack has stayed on him consistently and that loyalty could be rewarded if the Pack extends an offer.

The reality...If South Carolina were to offer anytime in the foreseeable future, McCollum will likely be a Gamecock. He grew up a fan and they will realistically be nearly impossible to beat should they offer. After USC, keep an eye on Wake Forest. The Deacs have recruited him relentlessly but, like NC State, want to see him throw in person.

Other QB's that will reportedly camp at NC State this summer

Stephen Shimko...6-5, 205 pounds...Ewing (NJ) High School

Louis Gelsomini...6-1, 220 pounds...Timber Creek High School, Erial, NJ

AJ Blue...6-2, 205 pounds...N Gaston High School, Dallas, NC

Brandon Rogers...6-2, 210 pounds, Union High School, Tulsa, OK

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