Crawford has a Plan

Philadelphia (PA) defensive lineman Wayne Crawford talks with Pack Pride shortly after officially graduating from Chestnut Hill Academy.

"I just graduated about three hours ago," Wayne Crawford told Pack Pride. "I'm now focused on heading down to NC State. I'm excited to get down there in about 18 days. I get down there on June 30th.

"The last time I was down at NC State was about two months ago. I came down a week or two before the Spring Game. I wasn't able to attend the Spring Game because I had an all-star game to play in that same weekend."

While in Raleigh Crawford had a chance to visit some of his family and attend a few NC State practices where he observed the defensive tackles operating under defensive line coach Keith Willis.

"Most of my family lives in South Carolina and North Carolina," said Crawford. "I have a lot of family that lives in Charleston, and I have a lot of family that lives in Greensboro so I was already familiar with the area. We love the area.

"I went to three practices when I was down there. I loved it. It was exactly what I expected. Coach Willis is great. He's one of the biggest reasons the decision was very easy for me to attend NC State. I feel they have good guys now, and under their leadership I can become a good player like they are, if not better. I'm just going to work as hard as possible."

Crawford also spent time with Wolfpack head coach Tom O'Brien.

"Coach O'Brien is a great guy," Crawford said. "He's one of the few coaches that I can honestly say that I have met and he seems like he cares about you as a player and what you have to offer. He's really honest and I appreciate he wanted me and how hard he pursued me. I'm ready to work hard for him."

With his high school career behind him, Crawford has been focusing on the exercise program issued to him by NC State and preparing for his double-major.

"They gave me a stretching routine which I've been doing vigorously and I'm sure they are going to tell me what they want me to weigh when I get down there. I haven't focused too much on that, but I'm about 6'3 and 298 pounds right now.

"I'm going to major in Environmental Science and Business. I do stuff with Environmental Science here in Philadelphia so I would like to get in that down south because it is still developing. With business I like real estate so I would combine the two."

Crawford is also one of the top shotputters in the country. This weekend he will be performing in the Nike Outdoor Nationals, where he was one of 25 shotputters across the country selected to compete in the prestigious event.

"I think I'm in the top 15 nationally in the shotput," Crawford stated. "My best throw was just over 61 feet. I came in second at the Pan American relays at the University of Pennsylvania... that's a really big event.

"I believe it really helps me with football... it really helps me with my feet. All that is muscle memory and it helps me with my feet and strength for pass rushing."

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