North Carolina's Top 50 Prospects

After attending seven combines, watching hours of film and speaking with numerous high school coaches across the state, we at Pack Pride feel confident that no one has spent more time evaluating the in-state class of 2008. Here is the complete list of the Top 50 prospects in the state of North Carolina.

Legend: (o)-offer, (L)- our opinion of who may lead for a particular prospect, (c)- will reportedly camp at NC State.

1. LB Terrell Manning...6-3, 205 pounds, 4.6/40...Scotland County HS... Laurinburg, NC
Notes....While Manning has an impressive frame and speed, it's his results on the football field that have landed him as our choice for the state's number one player. While many players may have the size and quickness, Manning also boasts tremendous natural instincts and ability for the linebacker position. He has a knack for reading plays, taking good pursuit angles and finding gaps to get to the ball-carrier. Once he decides where he wants to go, his quickness, agility and athleticism take over. Manning finishes that off with solid tackling fundamentals and he doesn't shy away from contact. When combining athletic ability, potential, work ethic and performance in the classroom, no one in North Carolina is better.

Schools...NC State(o)(L)(c), UNC(o), Virginia Tech(o), Clemson(o), Florida(o)

Just our opinion...NC State, Clemson and Virginia Tech look particularly strong. Given NC State's dire needs at LB, Manning is almost a must for the Pack. The fact that he will enroll in college early makes him even more attractive. Were signing day tomorrow, we think State would get him but there's still a ways to go and anything can happen.

2. OL R.J. Mattes...6-7, 265 pounds, 5.0/40...Jay M Robinson HS...Concord, NC
Notes...Some may disagree with our selection of Mattes as the state's number two prospect but we dare anyone to name a more technically sound master of his position. He is a remarkable technician of the offensive tackle position and his sound fundamentals are rarely seen on the high school level. Once he physically catches up with his knowledge of the position, he could become a dominant offensive tackle. Mattes has the frame to play in the 290-300 pound range and the coaching he's received from his father (former OL at Virginia) is readily apparent.

Schools...UNC(o), NC State(o)(c), Virginia(o), Clemson(o), Miami(o)

Just our opinion....we feel fairly confident at this point that Mattes will ultimately end up at Virginia, NC State, Clemson or UNC. State has probably made up more ground than anyone during the spring and desperately needs tackles in this class. However, ties to Virginia through his father make them a serious candidate and the connection he's made with coach Napier at Clemson have the Tigers as a strong possibility. A recent camp trip to UNC has also helped establish the Heels as a major option. For now, it's impossible to pick a particular favorite.

3. ATH Brandon Barnes...6-0, 180 pounds, 4.4/40...Bunn (NC) HS
Notes...Few players in North Carolina created as much buzz over the spring than Barnes. With reported offers from as far away as Southern Cal, he is one of the hottest prospects in the state. What makes him so attractive is his versatility. Barnes could project at running back, wide receiver, defensive back or special teams. He has a good combination of size and speed but his athleticism is what sets him apart. Didn't put up huge numbers as a junior and shared time with other Bunn RB's at running back. However, he is a potential game-breaker every time he touches the ball and should be the focal point of his team's offense in 2007.

Schools...Auburn(o), Clemson(o), NC State(o), Penn State(o), Florida, Michigan, Southern Cal(o)

Just our opinion....The conventional wisdom is that NC State leads in-state while Auburn and Clemson are Barnes' top, out of state schools. Many feel family ties could keep Barnes closer to home but that's certainly not a definite. For now we consider it a virtual toss up between NC State, Clemson and Auburn.

4. DE Quinton Coples...6-6, 230 pounds, 4.7/40...Kinston (NC) HS
Notes...Coples is the state's most athletic jumbo athlete with a super combination of size, quickness and agility. He is extremely quick off the line and has a frame that can add quite a bit of size. Didn't dominate as much as one would expect on film but he's raw and with time, should improve his technique at defensive end. It wouldn't be out of the question that Coples could ultimately grow into a defensive tackle down the road. Upside is probably the key word with Coples.

Schools...UNC(o)(L), Florida(o), NC State(o), Michigan, Clemson(o)

Just our opinion...While Coples hasn't narrowed his list completely down, many insiders feel UNC, Clemson and Florida to be the teams to beat. NC State is in the running as well but may be a tad behind the other schools on his list. Coples will reportedly transfer to Charlotte- presumably to improve his academics and some feel that could be a move that ultimately helps UNC and Clemson.

5. LB E.J. Abrams-Ward...6-5, 210 pounds, 4.6/40...Thomasville (NC) HS
Notes...Abrams-Ward is a dual threat player that has starred at QB and LB for Thomasville. It appears that QB is his position of choice but there's little doubt that his future is at LB or perhaps even defensive end down the road. Abrams-Ward is probably the most athletic linebacker in North carolina this year and we feel he compares well with former Pack DE Manny Lawson at similar points in their careers. He moves extremely well laterally and has the quickness to make plays all over the field. Although he is ranked fairly high now, Abrams-Ward has a huge ceiling and could rise up the rankings even farther down the road.

Schools...UNC(o), NC State(o), Florida, Tennessee(o), Georgia, Clemson(o), Alabama(o)

Just our opinion...Right now we really don't have one. Abrams-Ward really hasn't named any favorites although we certainly feel UNC, Tennessee and Florida could quietly be major considerations. While the Pack can't be ruled out, it would appear that they have work to do in establishing themselves as a more serious player.

6. TE Dwayne Allen...6-3, 225 pounds, 4.7/40...Terry Sanford HS...Fayetteville, NC
Notes...When scouting Allen, he has the look of a prospect that should be playing division one football now. He has the perfect frame for tight end and surprising speed for a player his size. Allen has above average athleticism and agility that enables him to make the tough grab. However, he's also tough and aggressive enough to stand out as a blocker in the run game as well. Although NC State was an early leader for Allen, he committed to Georgia once Chuck Amato was fired.

Schools...Georgia commitment....NC State(c), UNC

Just our opinion...Allen has maintained his commitment to Georgia although UNC and NC State are making concerted efforts to change his mind. Allen is close friends with Pack basketball commit C.J. Williams and he will camp at State this summer. Should the Wolfpack win enough games this upcoming season, perhaps they can become a serious player to change his mind.

7. S Robert Blanton...6-1, 175 pounds, 4.45/40...Butler HS...Charlotte, NC
Notes...Blanton is probably the more polished of the three Butler defensive backs. He has impressive coverage skills and his fundamentals are solid. Blanton has proven speed and the quickness to make up ground in a hurry. Because of that quickness, he could also get a look at cornerback. He has been one of the state's most heavily recruited players during the spring evaluation period.

Schools...Michigan (o)(L), UNC (o)(L), Virginia Tech(o), NC State(o), Georgia(o), South Carolina(o), Notre Dame

Just our opinion...It appears likely that Blanton will play his college ball out of state and Michigan or Notre Dame appear to be two strong contenders. Should he decide to stay in-state, UNC could prove tough to beat.

8. LB Dwayne Maddox...6-2, 220 pounds, 4.65/40...Crest HS... Shelby, NC
Notes...North Carolina boasts several talented linebackers but Maddox is probably the closest physically to where you want your LB's to be in college. What jumps out with Maddox are his natural instincts and ability for the linebacker position. Probably not as quick or rangy as Abrams-Ward or Manning but plays with toughness and loves to hit. Could ultimately project as a middle linebacker. Maddox does a great job of hitting holes to get into the backfield and he may be the best tackler in the state. He has quite a bit of upside and could emerge into a standout collegiate LB in a few years.

Schools...NC State(o)(L)(c), UNC(o), Clemson(o), South Carolina(o), Virginia, Florida

Just our opinion...Maddox has fairly consistently stated that he is open but when he has named favorites, NC State has been the school out front. Behind the scenes, word has the Pack as the team to beat. If Maddox does announce this summer, we certainly feel like odds are in State's favor. Should he drag it out then the waters could muddy and other schools could potentially emerge.

9. QB Jacob Charest...6-3, 190 pounds, 4.7/40...Butler HS...Charlotte, NC
Notes...Charest has good size and mobility and impressed at each combine he attended over the spring. He has a quick release and is a very solid student of the game. He doesn't necessarily have a cannon of an arm but his velocity is still up there with the elite quarterbacks in this class. He is extremely accurate in the short and intermediate passing game and with time, will get even stronger. Does a good job of throwing outside the pocket and his mechanics are fluid. With the talent he has around him, could put up huge numbers for Butler in 2007.

Schools....California(o), Oregon(o), Louisville(o), NC State(c), Illinois(o), Akron (o), Iowa (o)

Just our opinion...While schools like Oregon and California can't be ruled out, we think odds are in favor of Charest staying closer to home should the opportunity present itself. Enter NC State. If the Pack offers Charest (and he should be a strong candidate to earn an offer at State's camp this month), the Pack has a solid chance of emerging as a team to beat for his commitment. With Louisville already landing a QB, they are probably not as much of a viable option at this point.

10. ATH Marquan Brown...5-8, 160 pounds, 4.35/40...Gray's Creek HS... Hope Mills, NC
Notes...If you were to base rankings solely off of film, Brown would likely be the top prospect in the state this year. He is an amazing athlete with speed and quickness that is off the charts- in fact, he's probably the quickest player in North Carolina for the class of 2008. Brown has tremendous explosion and acceleration and very few on the high school level can contain him. His lack of size is somewhat of a drawback, and he'll need to make up some ground in the classroom to be eligible to play in 2008. Brown committed to East Carolina in May and is the crown jewel of Skip Holtz's commitments thus far. Look for the Pirates to use him in a variety of ways.

Schools...East Carolina commitment

11. QB Braden Hanson...6-6, 210 pounds, 4.8/40...Charlotte (NC) Latin School
Notes...Hanson is a very talented QB with good throwing mechanics and a strong arm. He does a great job of allowing his receivers to come open and then placing his throws where only his man can get to the ball. Hanson is also very proficient in the short and intermediate passing game. He is not a scrambler but runs tough and can be a load when he has to be. Some have questioned his level of competition but on film, he definitely impresses.

Schools....UNC(o)(L), Rutgers(o), Wisconsin(o), Duke(o), Georgia Tech(o), Iowa(o), Missouri(o)

Just our opinion....Hard to imagine him choosing anyone other than UNC.

12. S Spencer Adams...6-1, 175 pounds, 4.4/40...Butler HS...Charlotte, NC
Notes...Adams is defined by his incredible speed and ability to make up ground in a hurry. He has a solid frame and will likely project at safety on the next level. Is very active on defense- registering 100 tackles and three picks as a junior. Tackling fundamentals could be improved but that will come with time. He has become one of North Carolina's most heavily recruited prospects.

Schools...UNC(o), NC State(o), Virginia Tech(o), Clemson(o), Michigan(o), Miami, Florida

Just our opinion....Adams has a wide open list right now so picking a destination is impossible. Of the seven schools mentioned, we think UNC, Michigan, NC State, Virginia Tech, and Clemson look particularly strong.

13. ATH Tobias Palmer...5-10, 165 pounds, 4.4/40...Northwood HS...Pittsboro, NC
Notes...Very quick prospect with tremendous acceleration and is nearly impossible to catch from behind. Is one of the state's top returning running backs and because of his speed and elusiveness will put up huge numbers in 2007. His lack of size is somewhat of a detriment but he does have a muscular frame and is a much harder stop than one might think. It wouldn't be surprising if he ends up at defensive back once he gets to college but will need time to learn the position.

Schools....NC State commitment

14. OL Michael Via...6-6, 255 pounds, 5.0/40...NE Guilford HS...McLeansville, NC
Notes...Few players in North Carolina saw their stock take off quicker than Via. Via is very comparable to players like Landon Walker and Hutch Eckerson before him. He is somewhat undersized now but his frame would suggest the ability to add the necessary weight for OT. He isn't as polished as Mattes but is still impressive with his footwork and long arms. With a solid senior season he certainly has the potential to improve in our rankings later in the year.

Schools...Virginia Tech commitment

15. TE Mario Carter...6-4, 215 pounds, 4.7/40...Independence HS...Charlotte, NC
Notes...Carter is an extremely fluid player with above average athleticism and pass-catching ability. Didn't put up huge receiving stats as a junior but should have better numbers in 2007. Carter moves well and has the quickness to create enough separation to make himself a reliable option in the passing game. Carter will need to add bulk in college but he is a very effective blocker on the high school level and doesn't shy away from that aspect of the game.

Schools...NC State commitment

16. DB E.J. Whitley...6-1, 170 pounds, 4.4/40...Butler HS...Charlotte,NC

Notes...Having three players from one school, playing in the same defensive backfield and ranked in the top 20 may be a first in these rankings. Whitley's speed may be a tad behind Spencer Adams but suffice it to say that both are fast. Whitley had a very impressive junior season, snaring six interceptions. He still has room to improve in his coverage skills but the potential is there and division one offers have come in with regularity. Could project at either safety or cornerback on the next level.

Schools....NC State(o), Virginia Tech(o), Oregon (o), California(o), Virginia(o), UNC(o), Georgia

Just our opinion...Whitley recently released a top four that was completely out of whack with what he had previously reported. In the end we think NC State, Virginia Tech and UNC could emerge as the major players. Should the Pack offer and somehow land Jacob Charest, that could weigh in the Pack's favor.

17. OL Andrew Wallace...6-5, 265 pounds, 4.76/40...Olympic HS...Charlotte, NC
Notes...Wallace is another prospect that went from zero offers to one of North Carolina's hottest prospects in a matter of weeks. There's no doubt coaches like his 4.76 speed and frame to build upon. He is still relatively raw as an offensive lineman and needs to improve his fundamentals and footwork. However, the tools are there and he'll simply need time for a division one college coach to fine tune his game.

Schools....UNC(o)(L), NC State(o)(c), Miami(o), South Carolina(o), Virginia Tech(o), Tennessee(o), Illinois(o)

Just our opinion...UNC took an early lead for Wallace after he recently camped in Chapel Hill. An admitted Wolfpack fan growing up, Wallace has yet to meet the NC State coaches so an impending trip to State for camp this summer will be critical to the Pack's chances. If that goes well and the Pack connects with him then State could emerge as the team to beat.

18. LB Kevin Reddick...6-2, 205 pounds, 4.5/40...New Bern (NC) HS
Notes...Reddick is one of those players that really jumped out during the combines held over the spring. He is a super athlete and has all the measurables you need in a future college linebacker. Reddick knows how to play the position well and with his size and unquestioned speed, is a prospect that certainly has the potential to rocket up this list over the coming months.

Schools...UNC (o)(L), East Carolina (o), NC State (o), Alabama, South Carolina (o)

Just our opinion...UNC did a good job of identifying and jumping on Reddick early and they have been rewarded by being listed as Reddick's top school. The Pack is in the hunt but unless there's a major change of heart, it appears Reddick is destined for UNC.

19. CB Makiri Pugh...6-0, 190 pounds, 4.4/40...Independence HS...Charlotte, NC
Notes...Pugh is a productive defensive back for one of the top high school programs in the country. He has a good blend of size and speed. Pugh's stock really took off during the spring when several division one schools jumped on board with offers. Some have rated Pugh higher but for us, it was a little telling that neither NC State or UNC offered. Pugh's commitment to Georgia earlier this month was certainly nothing to sneeze at, however.

School....Georgia commitment

20. OL Nick Becton...6-7, 285 pounds, 5.1/40...New Hanover HS...Wilmington, NC
Notes...Although he is a relative newcomer to football, Becton has a world of potential and the size and athleticism that can't be coached. Because he is still learning the game, many feel Becton has a huge upside and he should make big strides as a senior in 2007. Becton's game is defined by his quickness, frame and long arms. Once his knowledge of the offensive tackle position catches up with his physical ability, watch out.

Schools...NC State (o)(L)(c), South Carolina (o), East Carolina (o), Alabama, Clemson, Virginia Tech

Just our opinion...NC State was the first school to offer and behind the scenes, signs point to the Pack as being the team to beat for Becton's commitment. It's not impossible that Becton could make a college decision before the start of the 2007 season.

21. LB Reggie Bowens...6-2, 210 pounds, 4.5/40...Garner (NC) HS
Notes...Bowens has one of the best combinations of size and speed in North Carolina. He could play safety on the next level but may be a better prospect at outside linebacker. Physically, he's exactly what you want. However, he is not a natural at linebacker and will need to sharpen his skills at that position. He is able to be extremely productive because his size and speed is head and shoulders above the vast majority of players he faces.

Schools...South Carolina(o)(L), UNC(o)(L), East Carolina(o), Clemson(o), NC State

22. S Lorenzo Williams...6-2, 180 pounds, 4.42/40...Westover HS...Fayetteville, NC
Notes...Williams is another player who saw his stock take off over the spring. He is blessed with a great frame and showed solid speed at the Scout combine in Charlotte. Williams appears to have a tremendous upside and plays physical and also showed very good coverage fundamentals on the combine circuit. Because of his potential, we wouldn't be surprised to see him pick up several more offers before all is said and done.

Schools....Duke(o), Virginia(o), Wake Forest(o)(L), UNC

23. S Ed Gainey...6-0, 175 pounds, 4.45/40...Mt Tabor HS...Winston-Salem, NC
... One of the most productive players in the state as a junior, tallying an amazing 13 interceptions. He is super in coverage and seemingly always finds a way to make a play on the ball. Gainey has solid speed for a safety but what really jumps out is his 38.8-inch vertical jump. It is surprising that he has yet to pick up a scholarship offer.

Schools...Wake Forest(L), NC State(L), UNC

24. FB/LB Austin Johnson...6-3, 230 pounds, 4.75/40...Hickory (NC) HS
Notes...Tough, hard-nosed prospect that was very productive as a junior whether it be at fullback or linebacker. Has a tremendous frame and is one of the more physically impressive kids in North Carolina. Johnson plays somewhat stiff and doesn't have great speed but is a tremendous competitor. He will likely play MLB or FB in college but a move to DL certainly isn't out of the question.

Schools....Tennessee commitment

25. ATH Darius Spencer...5-10, 175 pounds, 4.4/40...AC Reynolds HS...Asheville, NC
Notes...Spencer is a speedy, shifty runner that blistered the competition at running back during his junior year. He does a super job of exploding through creases and once he's into the secondary, no one can catch him. Spencer isn't the biggest prospect and could get a look at defensive back and special teams. Will need to improve his grades to be eligible as a freshman.

Schools....East Carolina commitment

26. WR T.J. Graham...6-0, 180 pounds, 4.4/40...Wakefield HS...Raleigh, NC
Notes...Graham is simply an incredibly fast athlete. He has obviously benefitted from a year of track and coaching from his father, Trevor Graham. His stride is effortless and he shows tremendous explosion from a dead stop. Didn't put up huge stats as a junior so will likely need to have good showings at camps over the summer to prove his ability at wide receiver.

Schools...NC State(c), Florida State(L), UNC, Duke

27. S Tony Morgan...6-1, 190 pounds, 4.45/40...Garner (NC) HS
Notes...Morgan has a reputation for speed and he backed that up with tremendous showings at a couple of combines this spring- consistently being timed in the 4.4-second range. He has a great frame and will likely project as a safety on the next level. Morgan is still raw as a defensive back but all the tools are there for him to emerge as a solid collegiate player down the road. Grades are somewhat of an issue.

Schools....South Carolina (o)(L), UNC (o), East Carolina (o), Clemson (o), NC State(c)

28. OL Jonathan Cooper...6-2, 290 pounds, 5.2/40...Hoggard HS, Wilmington, NC
Notes...Cooper is an extremely solid lineman that really impressed us at the combines held over the spring. He has a super personality and attitude and backs that up with some impressive OL skills. He moves well for his size but more importantly, plays with an extremely low center of gravity that helps him dominate opposing defensive linemen. Cooper doesn't have ideal height and like Anthony Garner, some may have concerns that he's already peaked physically. It would be interesting to see him get a shot at defensive tackle.

Schools....East Carolina(o)(L), Buffalo(o), NC A&T(o), Wake Forest, Clemson, Duke, NC State(c)

29. DL Anthony Garner...6-0, 290 pounds, 4.95/40...Jordan Mathews HS...Siler City, NC
Notes...On film Garner is one of the most impressive defensive linemen in the state. He plays extremely low, gets good leverage and has surprisingly quick feet that enables him to consistently penetrate into opposing backfields. Garner's speed is average but his explosiveness in a small space is tremendous. Height is probably not ideal for a division one defensive tackle and there could be some concern over whether he's hit his ceiling physically. However, he'll get plenty of opportunities to impress college coaches this summer during his camp tour.

Schools....NC State(L)(c), Virginia Tech(L), East Carolina, Marshall, UNC

30. ATH Adrian Jones...5-10, 175 pounds, 4.4/40...Scotland County HS...Laurinburg, NC
Notes...Jones plays QB for Scotland County and it gives him the perfect opportunity to show off his blazing speed. He boasts impressive elusiveness and has the ability to take full advantage of his tremendous quickness. Size is somewhat of a concern and will likely see a future at cornerback and special teams once he gets to college. Grades are a concern and a year at prep school is a possibility.

Schools...UNC(L), East Carolina, Clemson, Miami, Georgia, NC State(c)

31. RB Gary Douglas...6-0, 170 pounds, 4.5/40...Hillside HS...Durham, NC
Notes...Douglas is a young (only 16) running back with a great amount of upside. Is not a burner but has above average speed and rushed for roughly 1,800 yards as a junior. Observers that follow Durham football closely rave about his ability. Douglas has the frame to play bigger and if he can maintain his speed, could become a solid division one running back. It's also not out of the question that he could also get some looks at defensive back.

Schools...NC State(c), California(o), East Carolina(o), Tulsa(o), Duke, Virginia

32. RB/S Jay Hollingsworth...5-11, 185 pounds, 4.6/40...Lee County HS...Sanford, NC
Notes...While Hollingsworth has been somewhat overlooked on the recruiting scene this spring, he proved to be one of North Carolina's most productive players as a junior. On the year he rushed for better than 1,000 yards while notching 75 tackles and three picks on defense. Lack of blazing speed may be a bit of a concern but it hasn't stopped him from picking up several early offers.

Schools...East Carolina(o), Duke(o), Virginia(o)(L)

33. QB/ATH William Brown...6-3, 205 pounds, 4.5/40...Greene Central HS...Snow Hill, NC
Notes...Brown has played just one year at QB and is still extremely raw at the position. However, he'll attend a QB-only camp in South Carolina this summer that should help him hone his skills. While not impossible, it is unlikely that he'll receive very many looks as a D-1 QB. However, because of his size, athleticism and speed, Brown could emerge as a major prospect at wide receiver, defensive back or linebacker. He is also a prospect that has the potential to shoot up in the rankings before all is said and done.

Schools...UNC(L), East Carolina, Virginia, LSU, Tennessee

34. DE Kamar Frost...6-5, 225 pounds, 4.8/40...Jones County HS...Maysville, NC
Notes...Frost is a raw prospect at defensive end but one who boasts a wealth of potential. Isn't the fastest player but is explosive in a small area and difficult to contain for high school offensive linemen. He pursues well and can be a very disruptive force in opposing backfields. Frost also plays with a little swagger and is another prospect that could move up these rankings before all is said and done.

Schools...NC State(L)(c), East Carolina

35. FB/S Vince Jordan...5-11, 200 pounds, 4.4/40...W Montgomery HS...Mt Gilead, NC
...Jordan blew every one away when he put his speed on display at several combines held this spring. He also has tremendous strength to go with his solid frame. Could ultimately play fullback, safety or linebacker on the next level and has proven his capability to run with the ball in high school. Should definitely pick up some offers before all is said and done.

Schools....NC State(L)(c), Auburn(L), Wake Forest, Florida

36. OL Justin Ward...6-5, 280 pounds, 5.2/40...Rockingham (NC) HS
Notes...Ward is a hard-working player with a tremendous attitude. He has a frame that college coaches can work with but he'll need to improve his footwork, agility and quickness. Ward has good knowledge of his position but just needs his body to catch up. Because of his potential, we would be surprised if he doesn't pick up several offers when he hits the summer camps this summer.

Schools...Marshall(o), East Carolina, Virginia, NC State(c), UNC, Duke, Penn State, South Carolina, Clemson

37. RB/CB Bobby Morrison...5-8, 185 pounds, 4.4/40...W Iredell HS...Statesville, NC
Notes...Morrison is one of several under-sized hybrid running backs in North Carolina this year. Like Rod Chisholm, Tobias Palmer and Brandon Chandler, he stars at running back in high school but could ultimately project at another position in college. Morrison is a compact runner who is solidly built. He has division one speed but lack of height may be a concern. Morrison could end up being a candidate for an offer at cornerback down the road, however.

Schools...East Carolina, NC State(c), Penn State, Illinois, Wake Forest, Marshall

38. QB/ATH A.J. Blue...6-3, 205 pounds, 4.6/40...N Gaston HS..Dallas, NC
Notes...Blue is a well-built prospect with above average athleticism in the mold of UNC signee Quan Sturdivant although Blue is a slightly better QB prospect. Blue could possibly flourish at QB in the right system which is why he probably favors Virginia Tech. However, he will likely get more looks over the summer at linebacker or possibly wide receiver.

Schools....Virginia Tech(L), NC State(c), UNC, Tennessee, Clemson, Illinois(o)

39. RB Rod Chisholm...5-10, 180 pounds, 4.4/40...Independence HS...Charlotte, NC
Notes...Chisholm is one of the state's more impressive play-makers at running back. He is extremely elusive and can make defenders look silly in the open field but runs with surprising power as well. Has the speed to play on the division one level but lack of height may be a concern for some colleges.

Schools....UNC, NC State, South Carolina, Clemson

40. RB Travis Leggett...6-0, 200 pounds, 4.65/40...W Columbus HS...Cerro Gordo, NC
Notes...Played out of position at QB as a junior. However, he still managed to put up big numbers but should return to natural position of running back this season. Leggett has a great frame and build but his speed is fairly average for a D-1 running back prospect. He may get a look at safety during the summer camp schedule and may ultimately end up on the defensive side of the ball.

Schools....NC State(L)(c), Virginia, UNC, Virginia Tech

41. ATH Joe Womack...6-2, 185 pounds, 4.45/40...Northside HS...Jacksonville, NC
Notes...Very productive at QB for Northside as a junior. However, he'll likely project at either safety or wide receiver on the collegiate level. His size and speed could make him a viable candidate for wide receiver. Regardless, East Carolina picked up one of the more talented sleeper prospects when they landed Womack back in May.

Schools....East Carolina commitment

42. RB Anthony Council...6-0, 200 pounds, 4.5/40...Goldsboro (NC) HS
Notes...Council was one of the state's most promising running backs and was putting together a stellar junior year before an injury derailed his season. He has explosive power and shiftiness and can be tough to bring down in the open field. Does a great job of reading holes and blasting through them quickly. Grades are a huge question mark and it could be that Council will end up in prep school for a year and emerge as a huge prospect in 2009.

Schools...UNC(L), East Carolina, NC State

43. TE Jamie Hatten...6-4, 220 pounds, 4.6/40...Hendersonville (NC) HS
Notes...Hatten has good size, speed and solid pass-catching ability. Was also productive at linebacker- registering over 100 tackles. He wasted no time in jumping on an offer from Marshall earlier this year- committing to the Herd back in May.

Schools...Marshall commitment

44. RB Brandon Chandler...5-8, 185 pounds, 4.45/40...Glenn HS, Kernersville, NC
Notes...Short, stocky and powerful, Chandler may be one of the sleepers of the class of 2008. Has proven quickness and is a tough-as-nails runner that is tough to bring down. Could also project at safety. Lack of height may turn off some college recruiters but he'll get some serious D-1 looks over the next several months.

Schools...Clemson, UNC, NC State, Ohio State, Wake Forest

45. ATH CJ Davis...5-8, 165 pounds, 4.4/40...AC Reynolds HS...Asheville, NC
Notes...Extremely fast prospect that is every bit as quick as his teammate, Darius Spencer. Davis is a burner that will put up big stats in 2007. Some schools may look at his size as a detriment but he could help out in the slot, cornerback or special teams. If his grades prove to be okay, could land some D-1 offers before all is said and done.

Schools...East Carolina, NC State, UNC, Georgia, Georgia Tech

46. OL Harrison Martin...6-5, 280 pounds, 5.3/40...E Mecklenburg HS...Charlotte, NC
Notes...Martin is one of the more physically impressive offensive linemen in the state. His speed is average however and he needs to improve on his foot quickness to really attract the attention of the major schools. However, with his frame, solid base and long arms, Martin is a player with upside and could emerge as a serious candidate for D-1 offers down the road.

Schools...NC State, Virginia, Duke, Auburn

47. DT Kemory Mann...6-2, 265 pounds, 5.0/40...Northwood HS, Pittsboro, NC
Notes...Mann is from same school as NC State commit Tobias Palmer. Mann looked solid at the Ragsdale Combine this spring. He moves fairly well and certainly has the frame to add quite a bit of weight. Mann plays aggressive but is raw. Like many other players, will need to impress coaches during camps to garner any offers.

Schools...Virginia Tech, East Carolina, UNC, NC State(c)

48. S Lamar Monger...6-0, 180 pounds, 4.6/40...Hertford County HS...Ahoskie, NC
Notes...Latest in a string of players to come out of Hertford County High School. Monger had a good junior season but will have to follow that up with a good showing at college camps this summer. Likely projects as a safety but will need to improve on 4.64-second speed he showed at Shrine Bowl combine earlier this year.

Schools...East Carolina, NC State, Duke, UNC, Virginia

49. LB Bobby Hedgepeth...6-1, 220 pounds, 4.6/40...Northwest HS...Littleton, NC
Notes...Hedgepeth has a solid build and above average athleticism. Played primarily running back last year and tallied over 1,000 yards. He moves well but will likely need to prove he has the speed to compete at the D-1 level at summer camps this summer.

Schools...NC State(c)(L), Virginia Tech, Auburn

50. DE Baird Godley...6-2, 225 pounds, 4.76/40...NW Guilford HS...Greensboro, NC
Notes: Very productive defensive end that collected 89 tackles, 20 tackles for loss and nine sacks as a junior. Will likely need a good summer camp tour to land any offers but several division one schools have shown quite a bit of interest so far.

SchoolsNC State(c), UNC, East Carolina, Tennessee, Marshall

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