Kickoff: Darrell Blackman Audio + Quotes

PINEHURST, N.C. -– NC State wide receiver Darrell Blackman shared his thoughts on the upcoming season with the media at the 2007 ACC Kickoff. Here is a sampler of what the preseason All-ACC selection had to say.

Darrell Blackman Audio

Wide Receiver Darrell Blackman
On the quarterback situation:
"As player's right now we really don't know. The coaches really have it open wide for whoever can start. We probably really won't know until the fall camp starts or right before the fall camp starts so we can really get things rolling."

On working with three different quarterbacks:
"That kind of hampers our ability a little bit. There's always a change, always a new person back there rather than a set guy and we already know his timing, how he throws the ball things like that. It kind of puts us behind the eight ball a little bit."

On the role of the receivers in the offense:
"They want to get the ball down the field in the hurry. Not try to get Toney and Andre's bodies beat up, they are trying to conserve Tony and Andre a little bit more. The only way we can do that is to throw the ball a little bit more. We've got the guys that can do that – go down there and make the catches. We just have to get the guy who can get the ball down the field."

On NC State's trip to Boston College this season:
"Going back up there to play after the coaching change is going to be real emotional for coach O'Brien and their fans. He's done so much for the school and for the program. It's going to be heartwarming for him to go back up there and coach in the stadium that he basically grew up in and changed a lot. Now to be on the opposite side of the field coaches against them is going to be emotional for him and some of the fans."

On how players have dealt with the coaching change:
"Some of the players like the change in the routine. There's not a lot of talking and sitting around, there's a lot of action going on. Things getting done – he tells you what he wants done and it gets done. No second guessing, no questing why we have to do this, just get it done. The meetings are pretty fast, no more than 15-20 minutes."

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