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PINEHURST, N.C. -– NC State defensive tackle DeMario Pressley shared his thoughts on the upcoming season with the media at the 2007 ACC Kickoff. Here is a sampler of what the standout lineman had to say.

DeMario Pressley Audio

Defensive Tackle DeMario Pressley
How much do you feel like you're laying the foundation for future Wolfpack teams?
I think we're doing pretty good. Coach O'Brien he brought on another type because he's really quiet but he gets his point across.

NC State has been characterized as a talented team without the discipline to get over the top. Do you see a change?
That is the main thing that we are focusing on now. We just have to become more disciplined and just get rid of a lot of the penalties.

How big of a loss is Tank Tyler?
It's a big loss, but we're filling it. We've got [Alan-Michael] Cash in there now. Cash is looking real good... Cash has great hands.

How does it feel now that you are the senior?
It felt like just yesterday when John McCargo was there and I was learning from him. Now Cash is looking towards me... it's like I'm getting old.

How often do you talk to your former teammates up there?
I talked to John McCargo yesterday. He informed me that the NFL is very fast... very, very fast. He warned me that he said I would pick up on it real fast so I'm not worried about it.

Do you look at what Wake Forest did last year and think you can do that to?
The one thing about Wake Forest is that they were very sound. Personally I believe we can get to that level of soundness and we'll be fine.

If not NC State, who is the team to beat this year?
I can't pick us? Do they have to be in the ACC? Clemson... they have a great offensive line and then they've got James Davis who is amazing and then you have another amazing back with Spiller. With him coming in plus the speed that he has, it's like a 1-2 punch.

What did you know about coach O'Brien over the last couple of years?
One thing I knew from playing them is that he runs a tight ship. They never really committed that many penalties at all, and if I'm not mistaken the time we went up there I don't think they had one penalty the entire game.

Is it flattering that he left a strong program to come coach you guys?
Yes. Boston College was a great team... I'm just happy he's my coach right now.

How much do you talk about the bowl success he had at BC?
We don't really talk about it because that is the past now. Now he's at State and now it is our turn.

How has it been confirmed thathe runs a tight ship?
He has taught us to be very punctual. Say he wants to meet with us at 8, we have to be there at 7:45 because the meeting will start at 7:55.

How much do you expect the rivalry with BC to change?
I think that will be a big rivalry from now on because when he was there they were good and now he left to come coach us. I believe we have them the second game... that's going to be a great game. That's going to be a great game.

How much do you expect the rivalry with North Carolina to change?
I don't really expect it to change at all because those are the Tarheels. They will always play us hard and we will always play them hard. I don't expect anything else.
What is the key to turning around?
The key is keeping up the hard work, staying focused, and just playing football.

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