Q&A With Mike Glennon

NC State commitment Mike Glennon attended the 2007 Elite 11 Quarterback Camp and put on a show. The Chantilly (VA) Westfield product won two awards and was tabbed runner-up in the voting for the MVP Award. Pack Pride spoke with Glennon shortly after he returned home from the event.

NC State commitment Mike Glennon attended the 2007 Elite 11 Quarterback Camp and more than held his own against some of the best prep quarterbacks in the country.

The Chantilly (VA) Westfield product won the Most Improved Award and also the award given to the player most likely to play first in college. Glennon also finished runner-up to Nebraska commitment Blaine Gabbert in the MVP voting.

Pack Pride spoke with Glennon shortly after he returned home from the event.


What were your overall impressions of the Elite 11 camp?
Mike Glennon: It was something I have been working for since I was in middle school and it lived up to everything I was expecting it to be. I learned a lot as a football player and also built some relationships that may last a lifetime. So it was definitely an experience that I will never forget.

What was the biggest highlight for you?
Mike Glennon:
Probably just being around all the other players. I think all of us have a whole lot in common. Also, going to Laguna Beach was a lot of fun. We played some beach volleyball and then me and a couple of other guys went in the water for a while and the waves that day were pretty big so we were all getting thrown around by the waves so we were all having fun doing that.

What did you think of seeing Joe Montana at the camp?
Mike Glennon: It was very exciting. I'd say he is a little before my time but he is like the Peyton Manning or Tom Brady of our time. It was just really weird because when we were walking around the mall I saw this huge painting of him and an autographed helmet of him. Such a famous guy was around us for a couple of days.

Who impressed you the most out of the other quarterbacks?
Mike Glennon:
I was really suprised how good everyone was around the table. I thought everyone threw the ball well and it was definitely different not being the star, because all 12 quarterbacks there are major D-1 players so I can't say exactly one person but I was impressed by the other 11 there.

How do you feel you performed?
Mike Glennon:
I think I threw the ball pretty well. The first day I didn't throw my best but by the second day I had settled in and was back to my normal self. Everyone there threw a very good ball and I think I compare well to all of them.

What did you think of winning the Most Improved award?
Mike Glennon:
It's a huge honor because some of the awards are based on pure skill, but that award is strictly based on desire and hard work. So I definitely think that is an award that shows a lot about my work ethic and my personality.

"I think me and E.J. will stay good friends the rest of our lives."

What did you think of winning the award given to the player most likely to play first in college?
Mike Glennon:
Like I said it was definitely exciting to get those awards and that award kind of makes me more excited to get to NC State because the counselors know what it takes to play at the next level. If they feel I'm ready that just gets me more and more excited to get down to Raleigh.

I would love to start as a true freshman but at the same time if it is best for me to redshirt I will do that as well because it may be better for me in the long run.

How was it rooming with E.J. Manuel?
Mike Glennon:
I really wish I lived closer to E.J. because I think we have so much in common. We're both very focused on the game of football, and we just have very similar personalities. We're both very competitive with each other, and I think it will stay that way when we reach college. I think me and E.J. will stay good friends the rest of our lives and it will just make the game between us and florida state that much more interesting. We're both ready to play each other every year.

How did the whole MVP process go down? How did they let the group know who won and how do you feel about being runner-up... really a great accomplishment?
Mike Glennon:
At the end of camp they announced all of the awards and for the MVP they started at fourth place and named Jacory Harris 4th-place MVP. Then they said there was a tie for second place between me and E.J. Then they named Blaine the MVP of the camp.

I'm glad that both me and E.J. got second place because I feel we both have really similar capabilities and since we are such good friends I just think it was perfect that we were co-runner-up.

It is definitely an accomplishment, but at the same time this award needs to be proven on the field. So it was exciting but at the same time all it really comes down to is how hard I work to be able to say that they were right about giving me this award.

What's up next for you now that the camp is over?
Mike Glennon:
We start practice next Tuesday so we have to get ready to win a state championship.

Do you plan on any unofficial visits to NC State this fall or will it just be an official for you?
Mike Glennon:
I want to try to get down for a practice that way I can see how I compare to the other quaarterbacks. With my schedule it's tough to even get to see my brother play, so my first priority is when I can see sean play I want to see him. If he has a Thursday night game I definitely want to get down to see a State game.

I'm not sure yet when I will take an official but my guess is it will be after my season is over.

Are you still as happy with your decision to commit to NC State now as you were when you first made it?
Mike Glennon:
Definitely. NC State is where I want to be and I know it's the place where I'll have the most success. I was just thinking [Saturday] was one month since I committed and I'm still as excited about NC State today as I was a month ago.


Mike Glennon

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