Audio/Video: Terrell Manning Press Conference

LAURINBURG, N.C. -- Pack Pride was on hand as Scotland County linebacker Terrell Manning verbally committed to NC State. Here is exclusive audio and video from Manning's press conference.

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    Pack Pride was on hand as Scotland County linebacker Terrell Manning verbally committed to NC State. Here is exclusive audio and video from Manning's press conference.


    Audio: Terrell Manning Press Conference

    Terrell Manning Press Conference:

    Scotland County Head Coach Mark Barnes
    Opening Thoughts:

    As a coach this is a great day for Terrell and it is a great day for our football program. Anytime a young man gets to go on and decide where he's going to go to school and spend the next four or five years of his life is a great day for us.

    As a coach this is the best day of my life when this happens. The big wins come and go but when a young man's life is changed and he has an opportunity to go to a school it is a great day for our coaching staff.

    Terrell is a guy who has been a winner in the classroom, a winner in our community, he's a winner on the football field, and those are the types of players that are a joy to coach. To get to this level and have a day like today you've got to be more than just a football player. Sometimes people forget about that.

    I'm positive that Terrell is going wherever he says he is going today, which I know he knows where that is. I know that he's going to go and do a great job representing his family, his community, our football program, and our school. Those are things that I've spoken to him about, and he understands the importance of those things.

    This is more for the media people. We do not tell our players where to go. They tell us where they think they want to go, and then we try to talk them out of going there. The reason we do that is we want to make sure that is the place for him. We try to encourage them to look at a lot of other places and compare them, and I feel comfortable Terrell has done that... as a coach my role is to make sure that he has picked a place that he thinks he can be happy at for five years. If that fits into everybody else's choice that is good, if it doesn't that's good also. My main goal is to make sure that he is going to be happy...

    Those are the things I have [to say]. I'm as excited as you are to hear what Terrell has to say. As a coach I'm proud of him, not as a player because being a good player is easy, but being a good person and being a good role model for the other people in our program and doing things right in the classroom and in our community is probably the thing that I am probably the proudest of Terrell.

    It's his turn. He seems a little more nervous than I am, but it is a bigger day for him. I'd like to present Terrell Manning.

    Terrell Manning
    I'd like to say hey to everybody first and foremost and give my thank you's out to everybody.

    First and foremost I would like to give one to God because without him I wouldn't be blessed with the talent I have to play football.

    After that I would like to honor my mother and my father for putting up with everything we've had to go through during this process.

    After that my family, my friends, and everybody that helped me out with this experience.

    Next up is coach Barnes and the rest of the Scotland County coaching staff. I want to thank them for putting in a group of guys in front of me where I can run and make plays on the football field.

    I want to thank my teachers for teaching me everything I need to know which is going to help me be better off in college.

    The people in the community that have supported me, and I want to thank all the other schools who believed that I could be a part of their program, and they offered me a full scholarship.

    And I want to apologize to all the reporters whose minds I played tricks with all during this process.

    The moment I guess you all have been waiting for... I, Terell Manning, would like to say that I am going to [NC] State.

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