Camp O'Brien: Pack Inconsistent in Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- The word of the day was 'inconsistent' as NC State had its first fall scrimmage on Wednesday night. The Wolfpack had its first two-a-days, starting with an early morning practice and culminating with a 75-play evening scrimmage in the record-setting August heat.

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    "I think we did a really good job of handling the heat," head coach Tom O'Brien said. "It was the first time we went two-a-days in pads and they competed tonight. The biggest thing we have to do is be much more consistent. We weren't consistent on either side of the football and until we get that we can't be a good football team."

    "That's a generalization of the football team but I think its probably appropriate for most people right now."

    The three quarterbacks competing for the starting job – Daniel Evans, Harrison Beck and Justin Burke – all split time with the first team offense. Evans finished 7-of-10 for 61 yards and a touchdown, Beck was 3-of-6 for 54 yards, a touchdown and an interception, and Burke was 3-of-7 for 23 yards and two interceptions. While Evans put up the best numbers of the three, O'Brien said he wouldn't be able to evaluate until after he looked at the film.

    "I have to go look at the tape," O'Brien said. "I don't make a lot of decisions standing on the field watching them throw it. I study it."

    O'Brien said each player got about 25 plays in during the scrimmage. He commented on the running backs, saying they looked good but need to get in sync with the offensive line. Toney Baker led all rushers with seven carries for 38 yards and a touchdown. Andre Brown had seven carries for 33 yards and Jamelle Eugene had eight carries for 29 yards. The coach said the offensive line play has been, like everything else, inconsistent.

    "You can look real good – open up big holes three times," O'Brien said. "Then three times you can't get the back out of the backfield."

    Several defensive players had good outings on Wednesday evening. Four different players hauled in picks for the Pack, and J.C. Neil ran his back for a 45-yard touchdown. Antoine Holmes also had a standout effort with four tackles, two and a half tackles for loss and one and a half sacks. Despite the four picks, a fumble recovery and the sacks, O'Brien said the defense suffers from the same problem as every other part of the team.

    "Defense did a nice job," O'Brien said. "But you know same thing – you give up a couple of touchdowns here and there and that's not a good defense. They tackled better, much better than they did in the spring so that's a positive."

    The Pack did do some kicking during the scrimmage, with four punts that were all fair caught and a couple of kick goal kicks that O'Brien simple described as 'nothing of note'.

    "The kicks were, like the rest of the football team, not consistent," O'Brien said.

    Still, the Pack's head coach said there is plenty of time to get that consistency.

    "We have a lot of work to do but we have some time," O'Brien said. "So its really important that we become more consistent."

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