Isaiah Thomas takes in games

NC State football coaches continue their hunt for big football players who can work the trenches. TSW caught up with Isaiah "Puff" Thomas to see how his recruiting is progressing.

The State of North Carolina seems to be blessed with talented big men this year. In fact, Winston-Salem's Carver High (5-0) has two division one offensive linemen on their roster. Isaiah Thomas (6'3" 290) and Matt Brim (6'5" 305) have muscled their way through opposing lineman and have been rewarded with offers by college recruiters. Brim has committed to ECU while Thomas is entertaining offers from several prominent programs. "Right now, my three main schools are Tennessee, NC State and UNC. I also like Georgia and Virginia Tech."

Thomas was reported to favor the Heels early in the process. With the addition of NC State and Tennessee, we asked Thomas what was behind the change in his list. "I have always liked UNC. I attended camps there and I went to a few games last year." Isaiah continued "They have not slipped at all. I have just gotten to know NC State and Tennessee a little better now."

Isaiah was able to go see the Florida-Tennessee game two weekends ago and reported that he had a good visit in Knoxville despite the rain. This past weekend he took in the second half of the Wake-Virginia game. He has no plans to go to the UNC-NC State game in two weeks, but he will be in Raleigh on the October 19th. "I was late getting to the Wake game. I only got to see the second half. I plan on going to the Duke-State game in a few weeks" Thomas told TSW.

The daily practice time between Brim and Thomas seems to be making both players better. "I work everyday on pass rush drills. Usually it is a real good battle. We both win. It depends on who is the most tired" Thomas said.

We could not let Isaiah off the phone without asking about his nickname "Puff". "As far as I know, my father gave that name to me at birth. All my friends and half my teachers call me Puff too." TSW thanked Puff for the update and wished him and his team luck for the rest of the season. But with Brim and Puff maintaining the trenches for Carver High, luck probably is not needed.





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