Commitment Diary: Terrell Manning - Week 2

Laurinburg (NC) Scotland County and NC State commitment Terrell Manning is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season. In Manning's second entry he discusses his last scrimmage, visiting NC State, and much more!


Laurinburg (NC) Scotland County and NC State commitment Terrell Manning is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season. In Manning's second entry he discusses his last scrimmage, visiting NC State, and much more!

Saturday, August 18 (1:50 P.M.)
We don't start our real season until next week, but we had a scrimmage at my school Thursday against Reidsville and Hoggard. We played Reidsville first, and overall my team came out kind of flat. We couldn't get it going on offense, and the defense tried to keep us in the game because the offense wasn't doing too well.

I had a great game against them. I had an interception on the first play of the game and ran it back for a 35-yard touchdown. After that play is when we started struggling because we stayed on the field too long. But right at the end of the game I came up with another big play. Jamarcus Underwood, our other linebacker, hit the running back, and I picked up the fumble and ran that back for another touchdown. It wasn't too long, about 20 yards, but I did break the visor of one of their guys with a stiff arm on that play. I liked doing that.

"He was good."
That was touchdown was important for us because we ended up winning 20-15. Those two touchdowns I had came up big and you don't get to make that kind of an impact all the time on defense so I was happy I could help my team out. I do want to say that Reidsville was real good. If we were any flatter we would have definitely lost to them.

We played Hoggard later that night. We came out ready to play because we knew Hoggard was a pretty good 4A team. We ended up blowing them out. I think the score in that one was about 30-12, but I'm not real sure... I just know we won big.

They had a guard who was a specimen... he was good. He tried to throw a few blocks on me, but I was able to use my hands and speed and get by him. I was worried if he ever got to me he'd eat me because he looked hungry. I was calling him the linebacker-eater... I thought he was good. I kept telling our nose tackle to go straight at him everytime and I would take care of the rest. I made some tackles in that game, but I didn't have the big plays like I did against Reidsville.

Sunday, August 19 (1:50 P.M.)
We are about to start the week for our first game of the year, and I keep thinking about how the scrimmages were good for our team. We played a lot of players, and I'm hoping that helps us the longer we go.

"I think our coaches are
going to turn me loose."
I had right around 12 tackles, those two touchdowns, and four or five quarterback hurries. This year I think our coaches are going to turn me loose. I'm going to blitz more, I think a lot more, but it will probably depend on the style of quarterback we play. When we go against teams that pass more I think my job will be getting to the quarterback. When we play the teams that run more I may play a little more as a natural linebacker and key in on stopping the run. I'm ready for it.

Playing Reidsville was a big wake-up call for us because they were a 2A team and they took it to us. We know we've got to be ready. A lot of our team went to the Richmond-Marlboro County game on Friday night and we play both of those teams this year so we know what we've got to be ready to go up against. We're going to be ready though when the time comes to play those teams. They are our rivals.

I've been wanting to get up to Raleigh, and I'm going to try and talk to my pops about getting up there real soon. If we can't make it up there today, I'm going to probably make it up there next Saturday. I want to get up there and check out the team.

Tuesday, August 21 (9:45 P.M.)
Nothing much has been going on with me. We've just been practicing trying to get ready for our first game on Friday. We play Lumberton in our opener, and they are more of a power-running team. They want to run the ball more between the tackles and try to attack us so I'm thinking I can make some big plays.

We've got them at home for our opener, and I'm really excited about it... I'm pumped up about our pregame show. I really think that might be all there is exciting because I feel like this one is going to be a blowout with the way we've been practicing. I think my night could be over at halftime, that's how good I feel about us right now.

"He is always talking
about going to Raleigh."
I know I shouldn't be overlooking Lumberton because that is our first game, but I'm ready to play Marlboro County. Even though they are in South Carolina, they are only about five or 10 minutes from our school. It's definitely a rivalry game. We call it the North Carolina/South Carolina game or the Battle of the Border. It's a big game for us down here, and after seeing them play over at Richmond I'm ready for them. We get them in two weeks.

With our season kicking off I haven't had a chance to talk with many other recruits. The only person I really talk to is Adrian Jones, and I really feel like he wants to go to State with me. He's been playing good... we use him everywhere on offense. I can tell he's becoming interested in State. Everytime I talk with him he is always talking about going to Raleigh so we'll see.

I've been talking with my pops, and I think I'm going to State this weekend. I want to get up there real soon, and I'm definitely going to make that first game. It's going to be their season opener, and I'm not missing that one for anything. We are already talking about going up that weekend for the game. Me and my family are going up, and I'm going to pick Adrian up to go with us. I'm not missing that for anything.

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