Commitment Diary: Mike Glennon - Week 3

Chantilly (VA) Westfield and NC State commitment Mike Glennon is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season. In Glennon's third entry he discusses a his opening scrimmage, this week's practice, and much more!


Chantilly (VA) Westfield and NC State commitment Mike Glennon is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season. In Glennon's third entry he discusses a his opening scrimmage, this week's practice, and much more!

Sunday, August 19 (11:45 A.M.)
I've been busy the past couple days so I'm a little late on the scrimmage report. On Friday we had an easy walk thru to get ready for the game, I went over and played Wii with my reciever and his little brothers, went to Quiznos, and then it was gametime.

In pregame DeMatha is always very intimitating. The first time we played them their recievers were walking down and we thought it was their line becuase their skill position players are as big as our lineman. But that kind of shows you what kind of team we are, undersized and less athletic, but we play harder and are better coached then any team out there.

This was the most hyped scrimmage I've ever seen. Probably over 1,000 people there, the local NBC station was there, and more press then I would've ever imagined. We did the scrimmage with three sets of ten plays for each team on offense then a half of real football.

I started off strong and then right at the tenth play of the second possesion I had a misread and tried to stick it into the reciever instead of throw it over top and it got picked. The DB, Rodney McLeod, made a great play on the ball and I can definitely say it was the fastest secondary I have ever gone against in my life. I think I got a little taste of a similar speed that it will be in college.

"They have the big-time
receiver in Kenny Tate."
Later on in the game I threw about a 50-yard pass to set us up for a 5-yard touchdown pass. It was tough to keep score but I would say that if it was a real game with starters in all the time, they probably would've beaten us by a little but it would've been very close.

I finished the game with probably around 175 yards with one touchdown, one interception, and about 30 yards rushing. I know in two weeks they play a team that I think is ranked No. 1 in the nation, so we'll definitely see how we compare to everyone else. For a team that was way undersized and not as athletic as DeMatha, I feel like we played pretty well and can compete with anyone in the nation.

Kenny Tate is definitely a big dude. His potential is unbelievable. He made some good catches but at the same time our corners are about six inches smaller then him and they would stay right up there with him on a jump ball. He plays safety for them and was a very good coverage safety. After the game was over I went up to Kenny and told him to go check out State. I told him both of our receivers are graduating, and he could play very early. I don't know if he has any interest but it was worth a try. Rodney McLeod can fly. He was a very good reciever and corner. Jonathan Mason was also very good. All 3 played both ways and made it very hard to throw on them with the athleticism they have and the coverages they were playing. It was fun to go against some of the top recruits in the nation.

Monday, August 20 (9:15 P.M.)
I just got home from helping at my friend's little brother's practice. I don't think I really helped them out too much because everything I tried to teach them was too advanced for their age, but they were all amused by my height... just like every stranger I hear whisper to whoever they are walking with.

I forgot to mention the other day that I talked to Coach Willis on Saturday. They had just finished their Media Day so he didn't have a whole lot to say, but it was good to catch-up.

"We'll need to bounce back."
Today was sort of a rough day for our football team. It starts off as a cold and wet day, real dark outside, and it just seemed like we were in slow motion. About halfway through practice I see one of our backup recievers leaving the field with his dad and I wasn't sure why but I later find out that he broke his collar bone. We were then almost towards the end of practice when we were doing team-scrimmage. We ran a little sweep play to the left when I turn around to find my starting left guard, who was an All-District player last year, on the ground. He wasn't moving and he wasn't saying anything so I thought he was just taking his time to get up. Well he stayed on the ground and just started saying "Oh my God" over and over, and that's when I started getting worried. To make a long story short, he broke his fibula and dislocated his ankle.

We'll need to bounce back, but we have another lineman that will step up just fine and the first doctor said only 4-6 weeks so that was good news. We have a scrimmage on Thursday down in Richmond. It is a Jamboree and we play Hermitage and Dunwiddie. I do not know anything about either team so it will be interesting to go down there and see how we do.

Wednesday, August 22 (10:00 P.M.)
Tomorrow at about noon we head down to Richmond for the Jamboree. I've learned a little bit about both defenses and I feel like we should be successful against both.

"He's a real cool guy."

I talked to my counselor today about the possibility of enrolling early. He didn't know much about the process but it seems like it may be difficult for it to happen. I just wanted to see if it was a possibility. If it was I would do the requirements, and then when the time comes I would decide if I wanted to enroll in January. I tried calling Coach Willis today to find more out about it, but he didn't answer so I'll try later.

I've been talking to Andrew Wallace the past couple of days. He's a real cool guy, and I'm hoping he'll be blocking for me someday and it'll just be another addition to a great recruiting class.

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