Via: One Nation United

As the possibilities of war face the populace, and the economy is filled with uncertainties and the elected body kicks around budget and spending measures, we brace for uncertainty.

We must believe that our cause is just, and we have the superior capability and leadership. We must flex our muscle and use our speed to defeat our enemies. Sure we have trained, had live-fire exercises, and we have had scares in the past, but our men are ready and prepared for the war we are preparing for.

If all goes well and to plan, we will be in and out quickly and the outcome will be decided handily, however we must be prepared for a long, intense battle, as we have had experience with this foe before. Last time we met, some say they got the best of us, but I say they did not get our best. This time there will be no room for doubt, as we will finish the job.

Previous Administrations tried to ignore them as our enemy, but this new Administration knows the people's fervor when it comes to our most hated enemy. This leadership knows the want to get over this obstacle convincingly. Our enemy's head and our Leader have a history that some cannot recognize, but you cannot deny that they do not like each other.

We, as a nation will always have our differences. It is in times like these we must unite, not divide, as we prepare for our toughest and finest hour. We will send our men and women into hostile lands and we must believe and will them to return victorious and unharmed. We hope that our enemy escape without too much harm, but the victory must be concise and defined, for there truly cannot be a winner without a definite and resounding defeat.

Some say the enemy must be humbled and while that is true, we have learned from this enemy in the past, that it does not know humility. They rattle their sabers even in the face of almost certain defeat.

So Wolfpack Nation, join me in putting aside our differences as we prepare to go into battle with UNC-CH on October 12, 2002. Let us stand as one.

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