Operation Red Storm!

In a true Wolfpack effort, TSW teams up with StateFans.com, and The Wolf Web to take over Kenan Stadium on October 12th when NC State travels to Chapel Hill to take on UNC. Operation <b><font color=cc0000>Red Storm</font></b> is now underway!

Be sure to check back on this article as we'll be doing updates from now until gameday about.

UPDATE: Tues. Oct. 1, 7:35pm Please email this article to all your NC State friends. We want as many people to read this as possbile.

UPDATE: Tues. Oct. 1, 3:15pm Woody's will be opening at 8 am and will be the official NC State gathering spot on Franklin Street. Be sure to get there early and check it out.

UPDATE: Wed. Oct. 2, 11:30 am: Be sure to check out this campus map.

The time has come for Wolfpack fans to step up and fill Kenan Stadium on October 12th. There has not been an easier opportunity for State fans to obtain tickets to the big game in Chapel Hill since Mack "Mr. Haney from Green Acres" Brown went 1-10. If each Wolfpacker does their part, we can create a "home game" atmosphere for our team. Thanks to the installation of temporary bleachers and two public releases of tickets since the beginning of August, Wolfpackers have already snapped up several thousand tickets over and above the 5,000-seat Wolfpack Club allotment. At this time, StateFans.com stands to reason that there could easily be 15,000 NC State fans at the game. There are many tickets available now, and there will be an unlimited supply for purchase from scalpers and UNC-CH fans before the game. This game is setting up to be one of the biggest road turnouts in ACC history. Be a part of making Kenan look like Wallace-Wade during a State game on October 12th!

If you already have tickets and are going, please offer to drive more people who don't yet have seats. Let's paint that place red! This game promises to be a road trip for the ages.

Don't just take our word for it. In an unusual move, Coach Amato, in his post-game remarks following the UMASS game, went out of his way to request that State fans attend the UNC-CH game. His exact words:

"You people, put your red on. Go on over there with your red from head to toe like you did for Coach Sendek and his basketball team when he went over to the Dean Dome last year. There might have been more red in that place than there was blue. That's what college football's all about--to get involved in a rival game."

Destroying any vestige of UNC-CH's so-called "home field advantage" absolutely will help our players. Several of our basketball players remarked about how much the red in the seats
helped them this past winter when NC State thrashed UNC 77-59 in Chapel Hill. The sound of 20,000 State fans will provide a mental lift for our guys on the field of battle.

Did anyone get home in time to see the aluminum festival at UNC-CH's game against Georgia Tech this past Saturday? That was a one-possession game the entire way! Their fans were never there, and in the 3rd quarter there was more aluminum than blue! Reynolds Aluminum Foil must've been having a special promotion for UNC fans. We need to make sure that this aluminum has a fan wearing red sitting on it or, better yet, standing in front of it.

Aside from the fun you will have, aside from the advantage you will help create for NC State, perhaps the most compelling reason to go to the game is to personally anger John Bunting. Bunting called Coach Amato "Chuck the Clown" during several Ram's Clubs meetings this past year and has not let an opportunity go by to talk trash about NC State. Most humorously, he said NC State was not UNC-CH's rival. Well how about we show him that we are their rival by outnumbering his fans at the game? Adding to the personal insult will be the fact that a huge NC State turnout will hurt UNC-CH's recruiting. NC State and UNC-Ch are recruiting some of the same players and it would make one hell of an impression on a high-school kid to see one of the fans of one of the schools he's considering outnumbering the fans of the school hosting his official, or unofficial, visit. Even the players that we aren't recruiting might be swayed not to go there upon seeing how bad their fans are, and how easily their home-field advantage is wiped away.

An enormous red contingent will give us the pleasure of hearing Woody Durham whining once again about the number of NC State fans at a Chapel Hill game. Those of us who heard his hissy fit following the basketball game will never forget it.

So now you are reading this saying "OK, you and Chuck have convinced me, but how do I get the tickets?" There are several avenues.

First, you might ask around to UNC-CH fans you know at the office (or, heaven forbid, in your family). They may have decided not to go. Convince them to sell or give you the tickets. Although StateFans does not advise this, if you are one of those fans who has to have tickets in hand in order to drive to a game, you can
go to Ebay and buy tickets although you will likely pay much more on ebay than you would the day of the game in Chapel Hill. By far the easiest way to get tickets will be to drive to Chapel Hill the morning of the 12th and get them on Franklin Street (2-3 hours before game-time) or at the bell tower closer to kickoff. In fact, for the 2000 NC State/UNC game you could actually buy tickets for under face value. There will be plenty of tickets available in Chapel Hill on the 12th. That last sentence is the most important of the whole piece so I will repeat it in all caps this time. THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF TICKETS AVAILABLE IN CHAPEL HILL ON THE 12TH! One word of advice might be to wear a neutral-colored shirt as you buy the tickets, then change into the red mandated by Chuck. If UNC-CH loses to Arizona State this weekend, you could probably drive down Franklin Street with your windows open and people will throw tickets into your car as you drive. It would be a great idea to have a Kenan Stadium Seating Chart with you when you're scalping tickets. That way, you'll know exactly where you'll be sitting.

There are other ways to get tickets. You can put an
advertisement in the Daily Tar Heel where UNC fans can list their tickets for sale, or you can call the UNC-CH ticket office, telling them you are a die-hard UNC fan who wants to go to the game. They always have last-minute ticket holds.

Gameday parking at UNC-CH is notoriously bad. Here are several options StateFans staffers have used in the past to avoid traffic headaches. One good way to go is to use the Park & Rides. If you are coming from Raleigh you will want to use the NC Highway 54 Park & Ride lot across from the Friday Center.

Other options include a fraternity parking lot on Rosemary St. (parallel to Franklin) near the intersection of Raleigh St. that charges $5. Also there are two parking decks immediately behind Franklin that you enter off Rosemary St. If everyone gets there early, spaces will be available. As a last resort, there are two parking decks on Manning Dr. across from the hospital that allow anyone to park there.

No matter where you park, no matter where you sit during the game, you will not want to miss the pre-game festivities at Woody's Tar Heel Tavern (no relation to Woody Durham). StateFans.com, The Wolf Web and The Strutting Wolf will be gathering at Woody's at roughly 9:30 am and hoping to attract at least 250 Wolfpackers. As a group, we plan on marching over to Kenan Stadium and covering their usual Reynolds Aluminum Wrap fans with some NC State RED. They are located on 175 E. Franklin Street near the post office. We invite everyone to attend and do our best to tailgate at the one place that it is considered nearly impossible to do so. To contact
Woody's call (919) 968-3809.

Last and most definitely not least, if you don't live in the Triangle, and want to come to Chapel Hill on Friday night you can they stay at the
Holiday Inn Chapel Hill off 15-501. They have a regular rate of $124.00 for Friday & Saturday Night, but StateFans contacted them and they are offering a special rate to StateFans.com. The discounted rate will be $99.00 and the coupon code is: StateFans.

If you don't want to go to this game because you hate going to Chapel Hill, do it for Chuck Amato. Do it for Philip Rivers. Do it for T.A. McLendon. Do it for A.J. Davis even though he can't play. Do it for Dantonio Burnette. Do it for Terrance Holt. Do it for North Carolina State University. If the players can practice in two a days in August you can stomach going to Chapel Hill for an afternoon. If you don't have tickets, look at it as an adventure. You are going to get them. Who is going to get the last laugh at this game, Bunting or Amato???? There are few times in a season fans can make a real difference. This is one of those times.

For decades to come, people will be talking about the time State fans outnumbered Heel fans in Kenan in 2002. Don't miss being a part of it. Wear Red, Be LOUD, Cheer the Wolfpack to Victory!!!!

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