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RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien discusses the upcoming game against Central Florida with the media.

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    Tom O'Brien Audio

    Thoughts on Central Florida:
    "You look at them offensively, their offensive line has 111 starts between the five offensive linemen which tells you they have a lot of experience up front. Their quarterback is a two-year letterman."

    "The young kids in the defensive line are growing up for them... it looks like they started some of those kids at a young age and they are 2-3 year players now."

    "They will come with a power running game... once every quarter the ball is going to go deep."

    Thoughts on NC State's running backs:
    "There is no competition going on...they all could be starting running backs in the ACC. I hav to learn their personalities too, how they play best."

    "We're very fortunate to have those three kids in our football program... I've been fortunate throughout the years to have at least two good running backs. You're lucky if you have two, but I've never been on a team with three running backs of this caliber." Thoughts on Daniel Evans and the quarterback situation:

    "Daniel Evans will start and Harrison Beck will back him up."

    "I think he did an excellent job through spring practice and fall camp. I think Beck did a good job pushing him... [Evans] was very consistent. I think he understands the offense, he plays with a lot of confidence, and I think he gives us the best opportunity to win."

    "I think it was close. It took us a couple of days. Dana Bible and I sat down and spent a good day and a half talking this thing out."

    "I told him it's his job. He shouldn't be looking over his shoulder... but he understands too that he has to perform and perform well to keep his job."

    "I think it would be best for our football team to get him in the game because he hasn't been in a game in a long time. You don't want to have to be in a situation eight games down the road now and he's never been in a football game."

    "When and if he will go in the game, that will be a game-time situation kind of deal. We only have one starter and that's Dan."

    "Harrison just did a better job than Justin... Justin's still a little young... he needs a little more maturity on the field."

    Update on DeMario Pressley's injury:
    "Right now I think he is out. He thinks he might have a chance to play so he's questionable. We'll see." Thoughts on Steven Hauschka:
    "He's got a very strong leg, he's a very confident kid, and he's a mature kid."

    Thoughts on right tackle position:
    "Meares Green has done a good job. He's one of our best offensive linemen, and he's earned the right to play offensive tackle."

    "[Jeraill McCuller's] status is between he and I and someday we'll figure it out. We'll let you know. He's still practicing. His situation is he's on the team and he's working. I think he's a kid who needs supervision, he needs discipline, he needs direction right now in his life and the best thing we can do is be a part of his family and help him through his situation right now."

    "I'm considering him being disciplined right now."

    Offensive line thoughts:
    "I like what we have up there now, but when you're backing up wih two freshmen and a walk-on it's a precarious situation. I think injuries will play a huge part in the success of this football team."

    Thoughts on true freshmen tackles Jake Vermiglio and Desmond Roberts:
    They were the best of the freshmen class we brought in and they were better than anybody else we had on the football team. Both are physical kids, they've got size, they've got good knee bend, and they've got good feet. They are learning a lot of the nuances and they are probably about as good as they can be right now. They are the best of the rest and that's all we have to play with."

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