Camp O'Brien: Martin and Hauschka audio

Linebacker James Martin and place kicker Steven Hauschka spoke after Monday's practice about being named starters and this week's game against Central Florida.

Steven Hauschka

"That's the most important thing [as a kicker]. Just be relaxed, stay focused and try not to let the excitement of the crowd get to you."

"I'm confident with my leg strength – that's never been a problem."

"I had one year of eligibility left after coming out of college, after I graduated. My kicking coach and coach Petercuskie, they hooked up, and coach 'Cuskie was excited to bring me down here and bring an experienced kicker into the mix."

"I was on the soccer team [in college]. I knew I had a strong leg and I always wanted to try football and it was just that extra push of my roommates convincing me to try out cause their kicker the year before hadn't done so well. I got out on the field there my first year, my sophomore year, and had a good season. The rest is history."

James Martin

"It feels great just to be able to walk onto that field and be in between the white lines. Be able to wear that equipment and go out there and hit somebody. Because you know, in between whistles, hitting somebody is legal – its not illegal. You can go out there and hit somebody as hard as you want and not get in trouble."

"Everything looks great – everybody is playing together. As long as we have communication, and everybody is communicating right now. Everything is coming together – its like one big jungle out there."

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