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Tom O'Brien named Harrison Beck the starter for Boston College this Saturday. He also discussed the injury to Toney Baker and the teams inconsistent play against Central Florida

Tom O'Brien Audio

On Harrison Beck
"After looking at the game, Beck is definitely going to start Saturday. He deserves to start right now and we certainly can't ever go back to playing the way we played in the first half."

On Toney Baker
"He was in great spirits yesterday when I went to visit him. He said to me 'well coach I guess you got me for two more years' so he's in the right mindset. Today it might sink in a little more - this is the first time he's been injured and maybe some of the medication they gave him is wearing off."

On the teams overconfidence
"The first thing they have to recognize is that they aren't as good as they think they are. A lot of these guys have an over-inflated image of who and what they are."

On BC quarterback Matt Ryan
"He has great leadership, he understands the game of football. When you throw for as many yards as he has - you throw a pick and you come off and it doesn't mean anything. He just goes and keeps chucking away. It shows his leadership and his maturity. He's definitely the best quarterback in this conference and maybe the top quarterback in the country."

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