TSW's Weekly Pigskin Pick 'em

Welcome to Week #3 of Pick 'em! For those who missed the <A HREF=http://northcarolinastate.theinsiders.com/2/65412.html>first</a> or <A HREF=http://northcarolinastate.theinsiders.com/2/66723.html>second edition</A>, this is where the visitors and staff of TSW forecast who will win some of this upcoming weekend's key football games.

This year's panel includes Jerry Cornwell, Steven Muma, Brian McLain, Kurtis Backs, and long-time board members wolfchicEE, Kong Fooey and The Answer Man, and a special guest.

This week's special guest is my brother, Keith McLain.

The Games
Texas Tech at Texas A&M
UCLA at Oregon State
Georgia at Alabama
Kansas State at Colorado
USC at Washington State
UNC at Arizona State
Clemson at Florida State
Maryland at West Virginia
Virginia at Duke
Wake Forest at Georgia Tech

Brian McLain
Jerry Cornwell
Steven Muma
Kong Fooey
Texas TechTexas TechTexas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M
Oregon StateOregon StateOregon StateOregon StateUCLA
Kansas StateColoradoKansas StateColoradoKansas State
USCWashington StateWashington StateUSCUSC
Arizona StateArizona StateArizona StateArizona StateArizona State
West VirginiaWest VirginiaWest VirginiaMarylandWest Virginia
Georgia TechGeorgia TechGeorgia TechGeorgia TechGeorgia Tech

The Answer Man
Kurtis Backs
Guest Keith McLain
Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas Tech
Oregon StateOregon StateUCLA
ColoradoKansas StateKansas State
USCWashington StateUSC
Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
MarylandWest VirginiaWest Virginia

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