PC: Blackman, Martin Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Darrell Blackman and James Martin met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Wofford.

Darrell Blackman

"[Harrison Beck] is a guy just trying to learn the offense. He's just coming off time sitting out going through the transfer, progressing, and things like that. He's holding his head... I don't think anybody feels worse than he does about the turnovers. I think that's one thing he can correct."

"For him to get the gametime experience... he did well in our eyes as a team. He did well during the game. It was just a few costly turnovers that kind of hindered our performance Saturday. So with his time back there and getting the gametime playing, I think he will do much better down the road."

"Hard work, that's what it comes down to."

"I think once we do get that win under our belt, I think that will really get some of the guys' spirits back up and we can really get this thing going."

"We've got to go with what we've got and keep working."

"We as a team, we can't put it all on Harrison. It's a team sport. It's not like he's the only one out there playing against 11 other guys. It's a team effort out there."

James Martin

"I ran a wing-T wishbone offense when I was in high school. We're just going to have to be in our assigned gaps at the right time because a wishbone offense can easily break for a long run."

"As long as you know your assignment I feel like you can be real aggressive. A person that is unsure is going to be less aggressive... as long as we go out there and practice this week and get our assignments down, we can be as aggressive as we want to be."

"I try to play the best of my ability.. I never try to point the finger."

"A team has never forgot how to win. It's all about moving on... it gets kind of tough on you, but everytime you go on that field you have in your mind that you want to win."

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