Practice Report: O'Brien and Holmes

Tom O'Brien discusses the Pack's new starting punter and this week's game against Wofford while Antoine Holmes talks about his transition to NC State from junior college.

Tom O'Brien Audio

On new starting punter Bradley Pierson
"[He needs to] just keep kicking it. If we can get close to 40 yards out of him like we did on Saturday it will be a big improvement."

"He was booming them 60 in this wind today."

On Markus Kuhn and Jamaine Clemmons
"The good thing was they hadn't atrophied too much down on the scout team. They still had their fundamentals - he plays with a low pad level, he plays hard, he does a good job reading. I think he did an excellent job stringing things out on Saturday. Jamaine same thing."

On Jamaine's playing time the rest of the way
"Who knows, the way we are going he might be starting."

On Wofford's triple-option offense
"You have to be discipline, you have to key your keys. That's what we emphasized today - you have to watch your key and follow their key. There's a fullback, there's a quarterback and there's a pitch guy - then there's a throw to the post. You've gotta cover them all."

Antoine Holmes Audio

On his decision to come to NCSU
"I took my visit up here and met a whole bunch of players, I met the coaches. Everybody seemed like they were straight-up, straight forward."

"I didn't commit right away. I really wanted to think things through, talk to my parents - I ended up going on the visit by myself."

"It seemed like a good opportunity, seemed like I could come here and do some positive things."

On the transition from junior college
"I had to - not rediscover myself - but meet more people and build another family. At first it was awkward but everyone warmed up to me when I got here so I've felt very comfortable."

On his play to start the season
"I'm gradually getting better, but I still have a lot of things I need to work on. I have to grow up a little more as a football player."

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