Commitment Diary: Terrell Manning - Week 4

Laurinburg (NC) Scotland County and NC State commitment Terrell Manning is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season.


Laurinburg (NC) Scotland County and NC State commitment Terrell Manning is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season. In Manning's fourth entry he discusses his previous games, an unofficial to NC State, and much more!

Monday, September 3 (9:50 P.M.)
The last game I played was last Friday and that was a hard fought game against Marlboro County, one of our rivals. It was a tough game, but we came out on top. The score ended up being 19-14, and I had a big game against them.

"I was pumped up for that one."

I had a game-saving interception at the end of the game when they were driving. It came on the 20-yard line, so that was big. I finished with two interceptions and 20 tackles. A lot of people have been saying that was arguably the best game of my career.

I was pumped up for that one too. I had heard that the Marlboro County people were talking a lot of trash about me and I felt insulted. They said they were going to come right at me and they actually did it a little bit until they realized I wasn't budging. I came out and produced.

Wednesday, September 5 (8:15 P.M.)
The last time I checked in I didn't talk about my little visit up for State's first game. Man, it went great.

I got there kind of late and State was down, but they started playing real good in the second half. They ended up losing, but it was a great atmosphere.

"I love watching them run."

The fans were crazy. I loved it. They were taking pictures of us and it was cool because it showed me how much the fans care. They knew who we all were and you can tell they think you can come in and make a difference or they wouldn't care at all.

One thing that really surprised me was it seemed that some of them thought I might go somewhere else or something just because they lost that game. They were yelling for us to stay with the Wolfpack... stuff like that. There isn't anything to worry about with me. I made a commitment to State, and my recruitment is over. I'm sticking with it because that's where I want to go. The way I see it we will try and work on everything when the 2008 class comes to Raleigh.

My teammate, Damonte Terry, he went up with me, and he liked it too... especially when they started playing real good. We were both kind of upset when we found out that Toney Baker was hurt and out for year.

Toney and Andre [Brown] are two of my favorite players... I love watching them run. They are two different-style backs, but they bring it. I think Toney can redshirt so now I might be able to play with him for two years when I get there. Hopefully I'll be able to concentrate and be a player for us and not just be a fan being around guys I like to watch play.

With our team, we are now 2-0 and we have another big game this Friday against East Wake from up near Raleigh. They always have a strong team so we've got to be ready. We will be.

Saturday, September 8 (11:45 A.M.)
We are now 3-0 after beating East Wake 39-0 at our place. It was one of those games where we expected them to play a little better than they did. That meant to me that we were ready.

It was another big win for us, and I had another great game. I ended up with 14 tackles, three sacks, and I had an interception for a touchdown... I think it was for about 25 yards.

"For me that would be the right fit."
That play was all reading and using my instincts and speed. It was going to be a shovel pass so they had the quarterback coming around the corner, and I read it the whole time. He pitched it underneath and as soon as he pitched the ball I grabbed it and went the other way for seven.

That was my fourth interception this year, and I think it was the third time I've scored a touchdown for us. Getting points from your defense is how you win games.

This was the first game where I really was allowed to get after the quarterback... that's why I had those three sacks. I played defensive end in some of our sets, and I used my quickness to come off the corner. I was just coming off the edge trying to get to the quarterback. It was real nice to play there some. I was having flashbacks to JV when I played defensive end.

That's one of the reasons I would like to play that outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. I think I can rush the passer real well but also drop back into coverage. For me that would be the right fit for what I do best out there.

Tuesday, September 11 (9:30 P.M.)
Big game this week because we have a road game at Purnell Swett on Friday. I think they are 3-1, and they look vicious. They have a big fullback, and he's going to carry the load for him. They run a lot out of the I-formation, and they also have some wishbone sets.

"We all want to be around
that atmosphere again."

My responsibility is going to be to make sure the defense isn't afraid to hit their big back. I'm not sure of his name, but I just know he's suppose to be a tough guy that runs it real hard.

After this game we start conference play and to me everybody in our conference we have to look out for. Our league is tough and if you sleep on a team you will lose that game. That's something we don't want to happen so we are going to be ready everytime we go out there.

I've been talking with my family and there's a strong possibility that I will be headed up to NC State for their game this weekend. We are already talking about making it up there for that. It's a six o'clock game so that should be great timing for us to make it up to Raleigh. I think we all want to be around that atmosphere again.

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