Commitment Diary: Mike Glennon - Week 5

Chantilly (VA) Westfield and NC State commitment Mike Glennon is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season.


Chantilly (VA) Westfield and NC State commitment Mike Glennon is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season. In Glennon's fifth entry he discusses his past couple of games, his brother's situation, and much more!

Monday, September 3 (9:45 P.M.)
We start school tomorrow. Kind of crazy that I'm already a senior.

I went down to the [Virginia] Tech game on Saturday. It was a very special day at Virginia Tech and the ceremony before the game was very nice. Obviously the game didn't go as most Tech fans hoped but they got away with a 'W.' I think Sean played a lot better than people give him credit for. Oh well, there is always going to be people putting down the quarterback, and I know what to expect going into college.

"I don't want him to come
away impressed with Clemson."
As for the [N.C.] State game, on the ride home I was sitting in the backseat on my dad's Blackberry refreshing the score about every 30 seconds. It seems like they had a rough start but bounced back. I'm sure the coaching staff will correct the mistakes and it is better for this to happen the first game of the's a long season.

I talked to T.J. [Graham] and Andrew [Wallace] the next day. T.J. said me and [William] Beasley were the only two commits not there so I'm disappointed about that because I'd like to meet all the guys but I hope to get down for the Clemson game. Andrew said he talked to [Nick] Becton and Mattes, and I'm hoping we get to pull in both of those guys. I'm watching the Clemson-Florida State game hoping that Florida State will make a come back because I heard that [R.J.] Mattes is making a trip down there for the game, and I don't want him to come away impressed with Clemson.

Saturday, September 8 (1:10 P.M.)
It's been a while since I last wrote, but I've been real busy with school and football.

"We're going to have to improve."
Yesterday we won 38-7. I was 10-15 for 213 yards with two touchdowns, and I also had a 25-yard rushing touchdown. 150 of those yards were easy scores to one of my receivers where he just beat his man and he basically ran the rest of the way. We played decent against them but we're going to have to improve to beat some of the better teams in the state.

I'm excited to watch the State game today. To be honest, this will be the first time ever that I've watched a State game and actually rooted for them. I know the staff is excited to go back up to Boston and play there again.

It's got to be tough losing your tight end, then your running back, and then your top defensive player before the second game of the season but out of any coaching staff I know, these coaches seem to make the most out of what they have.

Monday, September 10 (7:45 P.M.)
Both of the games didn't really go as planned. I just got off the phone with Coach Willis, and he said that they're going to get better.

I thought the defense was very impressive. Matt Ryan did not have that good of a game and that credit goes to State's defense.

"I'm sure he will fix it."
I know Harrison Beck is not happy with the way he performed, and he doesn't need people reminding him of it. He knows what he did, and I'm sure he will fix it.

As for the Tech game, I think LSU is the best team in America. I don't see a weakness with their team.

Obviously, I feel for Sean and don't agree with the decision and I know he's going to fight back the rest of the year and prove how good he really is. I can honestly say that I don't know if there is anybody that outworks Sean. He is a perfectionist and is never satisfied with where he's at. He has worked too hard to let this get in the way of his dreams.

Thursday, September 13 (10:05 P.M.)

"Tomorrow we play at
home against Hayfield."
Tomorrow we play at home against Hayfield. They are a school that has struggled in the past couple years due to the opening of South County, the team we played the first week. They snapped a 13-game losing streak last week so I'm sure they have more spirit than ever before.

Obivously we can't overlook any team, especially after what happened with the App. State-Michigan game, you never know who could upset who.

I'm sure Coach O'Brien is telling his players the same thing this week. Other than that I hope NC State gets their first win this week, and Harrison Beck comes back and has a strong performance.

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