PC: Lathan, Sutton Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Luke Lathan and Jimmie Sutton III met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Clemson.

Luke Lathan

"I know as a goal coming in every offensive lineman's goal is for their back to rush for over 100 yards. That was one of my goals going into the game, for either Andre or Jamelle to rush for over 100. At the end of the game I was very happy to see that we had a back over 100 yards."

"With offense it is all about coming off double teams just at the right time to hit the linebacker. If you don't get your steps right and hit the guy, you're going to be on a edge on him or he's going to beat you across your face. If you don't get those two quick steps down that coach Horton teaches us all the time, or you take a real big one step, that guy can loop around and you will be falling on the ground."

"I definitely felt that in this game we improved greatly, just from even Boston College."

"We pulled a lot last year, and I remember pulling around. They pulled me over a dozen times that game, and I had to be running full tilt."

"It is great to know that anybody on the offensive line right now is athletic enough and quick enough to get out there."

Jimmie Sutton

"Relief... that's a good word right there. The fact that we got that win, it was like stress being relieved off the team."

"We got the W... that was a great feeling."

"I think a lot of guys have understood and they kind of get where we need to be and why we need to be there."

"Defensively I think that everyone did there part and everyone stepped up where they needed to be. That's why we played such a good game."

"If we can get the ball in great field position, they are definitely going to score... without a doubt."

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