Kenny Scott trims list

Kenny Scott has over 45 offers sitting on the table. The Seabreeze High School (Daytona Beach, FL) Senior has been giving some thought about trimming the list to a workable number. TSW asked the prep DB/RB about how he goes about refining his list.

"There are different things I look at. I want to be familiar with the school. Then I have to like the school." Scott explained, "I need to feel I fit into their team. I also look at how they play."

Those elements may be the starting point to gather his interest, but the real eliminating factor is a chance to win a National Championship. "Before I graduate I want a chance to win a NCAA Championship. That cuts the list to ten schools." Kenny said.

A chance to win college football's top award does not always belong to the traditional powers however. Scott explains, "If a school has had a couple of good years and look to be up and coming I will consider them as well."

Kenny has his list down to six schools at this time, but according to the standout defensive back, the list can change. "Florida, Florida State, Georgia, North Carolina, Notre Dame and Tennessee are my top six. I may remove or add some schools. The list is not set." Other teams that still could work their way in are Auburn, NC State and Georgia Tech.

We also asked Kenny about one school that is obviously missing from his list, the reining National Champions, Miami. "For a player to show love to a school, the school has to show some love. They have several returning defensive backs and are looking at only signing one. I can't consider them right now."

Seabreeze High is off to a 4-1 start and has blown away their last two opponents. Kenny has rushed for over 700 yards, scoring nine TDs. Included in the scores was a 102 yard kick-off return. On defense, he has 32 tackles and two pass breakups as opposing offenses have stayed away from Scott's side of the field.




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